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Hello i would like to post this since i just discovered it and wanted to know if you knew about that.
on this page you can look for a player´s nickname and it tell you on what networks player plays and you can see what kind of games, money bet and winnings lots of thing.
However i am asking myself how is it possible to work.
This is the page www.p**************m
try it and tell me about

there's many poker trackers online,don't think any would out stand?they all give the same info and i'm not sure the info's even accurate,not sure you can put this link up either but if it works for you then good luck...... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Hmm don´t know this site so far, guess I will have a look at it.
So far I only used PTR sometimes, but they don´t track many sites afaik.
I don´t think that it is allowed to post the link here, but Admin will dedide I think.

There are a few sites having statistics but i wonder how precise they are.
Sometimes you cant find the players you are looking for.
Also in the past i have looked in a couple about me and it wasnt accurate.
But i know many players using them,

Sharkscope and OPR are pretty good for SNGs/MTTs
Pokerprolabs is inaccurate because it doesnt include rebuys in its calculations...

It really depends, there are cash games tracking sites and mtt/sng tracking sites, and from experience i can tell you that mtt/sng sites are a lot more accurate...

Also the high stakes tracking sites are really accurate but unfortunately we don't play at those high stakes.

There were mentioned some good sites indeed Smile

I'm not sure if posting this link is allowed or not because this site has poker site bonuses, so it's clearly competiting againts bankrollmob ... See Rule #1 at

dont see any point in using this site when there are better sites like sharkscope and OPR
and be carfeul posting links of poker related sites here.

sharkscope and opr are the only good ones, and maybe tableratings or something like that, i dont use it much though, prolabs is god awful though, i laugh when someone tells me they use it

The biggest two tracking sites i know are TopShark for tournament statistics and PokerTableRatings for Cashgame stistics. There you can see a lot of information for free...

that is nice and good for everyone that need learn with the errors of others or gains.
all we need is app like that to bring us good informations for a good game. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

checked the site and was very impressed with my stats lol... if i didn't knew better from the looks of may profits/losses graphic looks like i became an instant millionaire haha.
too bad it only shows a profit of $50 if u check the small writting Tongue . just have to keep on going and ill get there Big Smile

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