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19 Poker vs. Trading

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Posted on 19 October 2011 by "M".
We are happy to announce a new and exciting collaboration with one of the most successfull platforms for financial trading. has specialized in educating poker players and converting their already strategic way of thinking and skill based approach and turning them into winners on the financial markets.By identifying the similarities between poker and financial trading, ThePoker[...]   Read more » Poker vs. Trading Poker vs. Trading  0   
Some concepts of poker can be very similar to the concepts used in financial trading, but in practice, things work very differently. I think some training is required before placing the poker players to invest in equity markets. If the aim of the site is to teach the players before "throwing them to the beasts" - even if after they put them to invest in the stock market -, it seems very positive for me. Do not forget that pocket AA also loses...
By the way, I am telling you this but I will definitely want to try this out, so those who think it can be a good bet go for it. After all, it’s a free start!

Honestly i see no similarities between poker and trading, both have rules of their own and that's the only thing they have in common. to me all the rest is like comparing tennis and football, they are both played with a ball but from there to call them similar its quite a step.
To me all this sounds a bit fishy... in the end its everyone's personal decision but for me i think i'll let this one pass.

i think the only thing it comes close to each other is in a very basic way of you have to risk money to make money, like knowing when to fold you need to know in trading when to get out

We agree 100%

There are seminars and live trading sessions twice a week. There is a seminar on Interader tonight on trading psycology! Tune in and check it out 8pm UK time.


Again of course it is different, but the edge and rules you need to aply are the same as poker.

I speak from expeerience as I have done them both!

Again like you say its down to individuals. You pay and you play the game that suits you!

TPT Cool

i think saying poker and trading are similar is taking it too far.
poker is more focused on individual opponents while trading is more on the market trends.
both do share some features though

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