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The name of this one is Lucky You. For those of you who haven´t seen it yet, here is a the original trailer:

Looks alright, not exactly the kind of movie I like but its about poker so I might check it out, when is it coming out in theatres?

Looks interesting, will probably watch it, but nothing beats rounders i can already say that lol

lucky you i seen that not to long ago with my gf and her mom it was actually a really good movie i actually want to watch it again now! lol thanx fodz for bringing it back in my mind

Watched a movie today called Deal. It is not the best there is, but can easily waste time if you have time to waste.

Posted by DiESeven:
Watched a movie today called Deal.

Cool, thanks for the tip. Well, I´ll definately waste some time on this, no problem. Thumbs Up

By the way, here´s the trailer to the movie you suggested, looks ok:

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I watched the Lucky you and i think that it is not so good but ok for waisting time. The deal didn`t watched but i like the trailer that thefodz posted and maybe i`m going to watch it this week. Thanks a lot friends.

It doesn't look good, but at least it has robert duvall and drew barrymore in it, so maybe it's worth a watch sometime.

Deal doesn't look any better to me Big Smile But at least that one has Burt Reynolds in it, he's good actor.

Deal or no deal lol. Deal looks better to me, and it has Jeniifer Tilly in it too Thumbs Up I think I'll check it out.

I watched the new one called "Deal" it has all the poker stars in it and so on, i thought it was really good actually Smile

I've seen Lucky You, I didn't think it was the bomb but it kept me awake Smile Im looking forward to "The Grand" with Woody Harrelson he's usually pretty funny I think.

Ya, I noticed it had a few pokerstars in it from the trailer. Just checked their poker cast and Shannon Elizabeth looks hot, I didn't know she was 34 Shock Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari are like my favourite players. Isabelle Mercier is pretty hot too, I think I really like her because I'm half french.

Phil Laak
Antonio Esfandiari
Vincent Van Patten
Michael Arata
Scott Lazar
Chris Moneymaker
Greg Raymer
Jennifer Tilly
Isabelle Mercier
Mike Sexton

oh i have seen it...Lucky is not bad and there is an interesting casting..Eric Bana, Robert Duvall and Drew Barrymore. there are also a lot of great players as "the legend" Doyle Brunson

Thanks for the tip of Lucky you! Havnt seen that Big Smile And there's another movie to.. This one: "All in"

Havnt seen that one yet tough Big Smile

Deal was a okey movie imo!

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Iv seen deal and lucky you. I didnt like them very much. Just average movies, I think there has never been a poker movie as good as rounders. They really should make one, i mean, rounders was 10 friggin years ago.

I saw 21, which is not a poker movie, Not a big black jack fan, but it was decent. Nothing to brag about though.

does anyone here know the name of the song at the end of the trailer??????

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