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anyone got skype? it would be good for going over hand histories, plays, and different perspectives

add me **REMOVED - contact info not allowed in forum** if you want to

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Jib, yes mate i do. SWEAT SESSIONS BOOMBOOM!! Errr no idea how i can give it to you other than coming and sitting at a table on a network somehwere??? My usernames are on my profile Smile

Yeah im down how would i give to you tho?

I'd rather do some railing stuff Smile
Discuss as you playing 2-4tables.

Preferably MTT's for me Smile
or the DON SnG's Smile

want to improve myself on those mainly

I have pleeeeeeenty of strat for DoN's brother, what level are you playing?? I used to play up to the $20's? Dunno if that's anygood Smile Weeey get sk in too!

My focus:

PLO 6 max micro-low (2c5c --->> 15c/30)
MTT's Post bubble strats
Obv reviewing hand histories

thank god im only playing plo2

iPoker - $0.02 PL Hi - Omaha - 10 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3: http://www.p**************m

SB: $2.32
BB: $1.12
UTG: $2.25
UTG+1: $2.75
MP: $3.30
MP+1: $0.86
Hero (MP+2): $3.60
LP: $4.72
CO: $3.10
BTN: $3.04

SB posts SB $0.01, BB posts BB $0.02

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero has Qh Kh 9c Qc

fold, fold, fold, MP+1 calls $0.02, Hero raises to $0.06, fold, fold, fold, SB calls $0.05, BB calls $0.04, MP+1 calls $0.04

Flop: ($0.24, 4 players) 8c Js Ts
SB bets $0.10, BB calls $0.10, fold, Hero raises to $0.36, SB raises to $0.78, fold, Hero raises to $2.68, SB calls $1.48

Turn: ($4.86, 2 players) 7h

River: ($4.86, 2 players) As

SB shows 9h Ks 3s Qs (Royal Flush) (PreFlop 23%, Flop 64%, Turn 60%)
Hero shows Qh Kh 9c Qc (Straight, Ace High) (PreFlop 77%, Flop 36%, Turn 40%)
SB wins $4.54
Hero wins $0.00

these rake races tables suck! lol i hate full ring

Gnarly flop for your hand, i think i 'd flat his flop bet and the probs just call down if it doesnt pair up??

villian was super aggro, like 65vpip 40pfr and i think it was like 82 aggression factor, he was donkin off lots of money the entire time, just happened i ran into him when he actually had a decent draw lol anyways i doubled thru him another 2 times later to still turn a profit on the session Big Smile

but you are right, that wouldve been the proper thing to do Tongue

It could be an interesting idea but i'm sure that you know by know that posting any email address is not allowed on the bankrollmob forum...

If players would play the same game at the same limit it would be interesting to change poker experience.

I really dont see why posting your skype name shouldnt be allowed tbh...
It's knownly the main source of communication among players by now,and it kinda sucks that (going strict by rules) it'd never be possible to talk to others on here in private,like ever (the only person I have in skype is jovi and that only because Ive posted my email address sometime in the past and he contacted me).

The argument of people trying to scam you is invalid,we've had scams on here in the past so if scammers are serious about scamming they'll find a way anyways.
Also,a solution would be to just not accept contact requests of unknown people.

That's just something off topic but at the same time related with this thread.

Posted by BeMyATMplz:
I really dont see why posting your skype name shouldnt be allowed tbh...

tony once said that ppl will use it to advertise other competitor sites or something like that

They are able to do that here as well,links usually dont get deleted too quick because only 1 or 2 people even have the power to delete that stuff,besides usually people wouldnt be dumb enough to click others links if they really wanted to use BRM offers...
Maybe we could just do an exception for the regs (300+ posts or so),I just think it really sucks to have neither a pm option nor the possibility to post any contact details on here

there are other ways around this, a little work but can be done without pissing off tony. could make "1" bogus facebook account with the last name your user name and first name being "tony" as were all familier with that..." tony arsenej " add that person to facebook with your user name and yaz could switch info...or another thing could be something like posting a fake add on a site like kijiji...for example: selling platnum poker table for 10 000$. contact seller through email (which would be one of us obviously) with user name,email and who u would like to get in contact with and have the info passed along. a little work but i can do it if yaz like. facebook would be easiest as everyone could just use the "one" account to post on.

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