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hi guys every saturaday i have a bet on the horses,
and i have two horses which stand out and i think will win,

micro mission................................ (11.50 newcastle)
skint..............................................(16.00 wincanton)

you have got to love the names, poker related or what Big Smile

have a straight win on both and a double,
good luck mobsters, il report back later on how they do

Good luck with your bet mate, hope you'll get some Dollar Dollar Dollar

If you ask me i really like micro mission, it's a good username for a poker site Big Smile

Well well they sound good and I wish the best of luck for your punting. If you come by a horse with the name Advocate then I think a few $$$ would be good lolol Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

oh yeah great strategy for betting on horses- just have a look at their names, and if you like them- blast a bet...i am sure you will win, no one can doubt the foundation of your betting strategy. btw- have you done before- and if so what is your roi Confused

horse racing is pretty hard. my gf works at a off track betting location and a casino both as a woodbine (horsetrack) employee taking wagers.

Jamaican bingo is what i suggest. Its when you bet a .10 superfecta box (4 horses any order top 4) or a .10 superfecta part wheel. like 1 with 12 with 12345 or something. it never costs much and then you can pick all the longshots.

Also the best horse betting tip i ever got was from a real grinder at the game who works in real estate but just uses the otb as his office lol. he said never bet on the favorite alone. it only wins 33% of the time and with that math you will lose more then you win, if you win.

I have to go all the time to pick her up so i usually just give her 20$ and tell her to bet my 5 2 6 numbers straight in the first ten races. its hit and a few times for more then 400$.

This is food for thought but i also just go in and bet on names some times.

id bet on micro mysself Blink gl to you dozn.

Good Luck doz01, haven't seen you as much in the forum or it's due to the difference in time zones or work schedules. So where do go to bet on horses in the U.K.? I mean is there a track near your area or is this something you can do on-line? Sounds interesting, although I've never bet on the horses. Again God Luck to you and All!

yeah betting on horses is so tough- so much "side" issues that affect the end result, but betting in general is not a very pleasant job to have...hats down to those who do make consistent profit (if there are any), i only have a crack at those events which i watch live- just to add some more excitement to the game Blink

Don´t gamble....

BUT, if you have a "tip" on some fishy tables running somewhere, I´m all ears. Big Smile

And so, how did they come in anyways? Smile

good luck next saturday.... Smile

loads of racing tracks around the UK and ireland.plenty of places to bet and good load of races.

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