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got this sent to me today so if you are registered at pokerstars school check your email Big Smile

As you know, due to circumstances beyond our control, the series of poker league tournaments that you had played in during December has now been canceled. We are very sorry about this but the good news is that we will be restarting these tournaments very soon. You should notice some great improvements on their relaunch.

In the meantime, we have set up a special tournament just to say thank you for supporting PokerStars and by way of an apology for the abrupt cancelation. And we have placed the entry ticket into your account. So all you have to do is register anytime between now and the start of the tournament.

This freeroll (with over $2,000 in the prize pool) takes place on January 15 at 14:00 ET.

You'll find the tournament under the 'Tourney' 'Private' tab. It's called '$2012 Social Media Freeroll'.

See you there!
PokerStars Social Media Team

I am registered but didn´t play the league since a while - do you know why it was canceled? Kinda interesting to me what those circumstances could be for cancelling 12 league days. Must be something special?

yes I was wondering how I got a ticket it was kind of funny lol I just saw it and clicked register to see if there was a PW but nope I had a ticket gl players Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

$1.10 Facebook Ticket = 2k freeroll ticket. A ticket that everyone gets no matter what they did or stood in the standings. Tks Pokerstars for giving me that bonus. Hard enough surviving the donk aszs to win one of those .10 tourneys and now they get second chance.

Still have my 1.10 ticket. see what happens to that..... no expiry date

hi this isnt to do with the facebook one.its to do with the PSO rankings.
will be a good freeroll.shouldnt be that hard to beat the fish Big Smile Big Smile

Always is hard to beat the fish, grahamy27!!! Especially in that kind of MTTs where you end up playing against thousands of them.

I´m gonna take a look, i want my ticket too.

thnx gazza, ihad a look and i've got one too wouldn't have known if you didn't say,so thanks again and gl to all in the tourney. Big Smile

I've got a ticket too. Along with about 16000 other people. Oh well good luck to all mobsters. Gonna need a lot of luck I suppose.

16k? lol
That would be another easy tournament too...
And with gazza's help i bet more players will join you to play that one Smile
gl to all of you

Easy money lolol should be seeing some of you on the final table aye!!!! Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

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