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im having fun over at sky poker and thought i'd share with you mobsters

on jan 1st my bankroll as a shocking £3.12 from a deposit of £5

so i gave up on the cash games after tilting heavy
and switched to micro stake double your money sit n go's
30p buy-ins un till my bonus money came through

so i upped my buy-ins for the sit'n'gos for the next 6 days increasing the buy in's as they days progressed (if i was profitable the day before if i wasn't then i'd move down a level in buy ins)

i then decided to have a smash at their weekly £15k bounty hunter tournament (direct buy in for £33 or satellites from £2.80 - £4.60)
i jumped into a £2.80 frenzy satellite with rebuys for the first 20 mins and played it as strategically as i could and rebought 3 times and made the final table with a stack of 12k with only 1 other person who could ruin me but he was a few seats away so he didn't blind me out

i finished just inside the money and won £39.50 and £85.75 in head prizes so i wasn't too upset that my pocket kings got murdered by pocket jacks

i was going to set myself some goals this month but couldn't decided so i just put on my calendar on january 31st '2000 points?'
im already up to 2649 already this month so i gotta set my goals a little higher for feb

i started to tilt yesterday so i decided to have a break from poker and hit their casino i sat down at a game called count down and staked 20p on 10 lines and won £55 so i clicked the x straight away and went to bed all happy

all in all a good month so far with a deposit of £5 i've cashed out £150 and my bankroll is still well over the £100 mark
im living proof you can make a bankroll with $10

well done with your bankroll of $10 great achivement getting it up that high
spend the money wisely my friend Smile Smile Thumbs Up Worship Worship Worship Worship

It's always fun to build a roll from nothing or next to nothing, and even though it doesn't take much in the way of variance to kill that small roll, it CAN be done. Congratulations and keep it going elf! Also keep letting us know your progress - I always encourage the bloggers here at BRM. Thumbs Up

thank you for the kind words gentlemen

i also forgot to add that i put a bet on a horse before the odds where done and he ended up being 200/1 and he won Smile i just wish i staked more than 20p

Its not just in poker ur having a good phase as it seems. that kind of "multi-gambling" usually means trouble but if its paying out there's no reason to now stop a successful strategy Tongue .
Just dont tilt if things start to turn against u and make a run for it with ur profits in ur pocket Big Smile.
Best of luck m8 Thumbs Up

Grats to you, very well done, keep it up.
But don´t risk your bankroll in gambling everything away in online casino. You will lose in the long run...

very nice run elf and really great to build your bankroll from a 5 pounds deposit Worship Worship
will be following your blog surely, keep up the good results Thumbs Up

Enjoyed reading your Blog as I do all the Mobsters Blogs. Very nice to see someone winning playing the multi-gaming / challenges that come with it.
I'm actually doing well at Carbon with my initial $20 deposit and have nearly tripled up. Not bad considering my 12 game losing streak last weekend.
Always builds my confindence to see other small deposits make the climb to a nice BR. Continued Good Luck to you and all!

nice one elf,great result in building your roll from 10pounds up to a nice amount and glad to see you cashed some out,allways a good idea Thumbs Up looking forward to following your blog Blink

will give this an update tonight or tomorrow night as variance tried sneaking up on me but i drop-kicked the bitch into touch Smile

late for posting due to getting big wins recently over at sky and on party and im attempting to make them into video blogs but it's taking time lol

coming up this weekend the 50k depositors free roll over at party gonna be a lil crazy

and the bankroll mobs 1k 100day freerooll on stars good luck to all in that and don't get butt hurt with my random donk calls Smile

and i got the $5k bankroll booster on party all of them happening at almost the same time i got a fair old day/night ahead of me lol

oh and its snowing like a mofo outside Smile Heart

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