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This is advice, not an insult so don't take it the wrong way, but just leave it alone now, it happened a while ago, it was only 20 cents, and you're obviously never going to the answer you want. As for the pewter blue badge, it was a joke, I'm sorry for joking being rude I was just trying to make light of this thread, and getting a bit defensive. Its not a pewter blue badge either its a blue peter badge.

A Blue Peter badge is a much coveted award for Blue Peter viewers, given by the children's television programme for those appearing on the show, or in recognition of achievement. They are awarded to children aged 6 to the age of 15, or to adults who have appeared on the show.

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I 4give you Smile Its normal to stand up 4 wot u believe...even when ur sooooo wrong in sooooo many ways. Im like that too,if im right im right and if im wrong im still right. Pigheadedness or sumthing. Thnx tho Smile

hahaha Tongue

must of been on the funny pop. The algorithms that post blinds work consistently whether sitting out or in play as its a simple shifting queue (trust me im a programmmer). It polls from player to player and the disconnected state of the player would not affect this. Only way it COULD happen is if the player was removed from the table so therefore not subjected to the blinds therein.

I See that High Pulse asked for a screenshot,

Well here's a trick if you want to record Poker Table / lobby etc or any
other Window/Screen on microsoft OS Computers. and a link to a windows
Screen Recorder/Player software

#1 Screen/window snapshot;

first make sure the window ( eg; PokerSite's Game/ Cashier/
Main page/Lobby etc) is highlighted, clicked on, Next press keyboard
keys Ctrl + Alt & Prt Scr

Ctrl + Alt & Prt Scr

then open windows Paint ( or any other Imaging Software ) and paste
onto NEW page/graphic etc
and save if like.
this is good if u want capture something graphically, ( RoyalFlush etc or
doggy goings on in this case!)

#2 Windows Screen Recorder/Player software (Free)

well this can just about capture anything on screen

BB FlashBack Express v2.5

"Introducing BB FlashBack Express
BB FlashBack Express is a screen recorder - it makes movies of what you
see on your PC screen.

Easy Recording
With only a few clicks of the mouse BB FlashBack Express can record
everything that happens on your Windows desktop.
It can also record PC sounds or a commentary if you have a microphone
If you have a webcam connected to your PC, BB FlashBack Express can
record from that as well, to give you 'picture in picture' movies.

Publish to Popular Formats
Movies can be exported to Flash and AVI format, so that they can be
viewed by virtually anyone with a PC or Internet Browser."

I use this to record/replay games some times, a Hand/game replayer on
my computer, so i can look at a hand or full game(analysis), but like
most multimedia( video,audio, text, animation) programs can take up lot
MBs/GB's. You then can use a Video/multimedia program to edit etc if

All The Best Luck Thumbs Up

Greetings Tracibaby, and welcome to the Bank Roll Mob forums. Sorry things started out so rocky for you (come on guys, we should be nicer to new players/forum members. Even if we don't agree with them, it's up to us to help educate and guide new players. Swearing and insults aren't a very good way of accomplishing that). If the prize pool was higher and there is an exploitable bug I'd be the first to rage.

Posted by tracibaby:
I didn't post to make a arguement Sad ....just wanted help and to get answers about wot happend to me. The ppl on this site ( frm my experience) have been rude and unhelpful and very unwelcoming which is a shame coz I dnt think il post again as a result of this. Im still waiting for my pewter blue badge frm sumone on here but id rather it was purple coz thats my fav colour Smile . It was on freeroll,plain old 20 cent BRM calendar...just boring old freeroll but it doesn't matter where it happens ....It shouldnt of happend at all is my point Aww crap! Does any1 understand wot ive been trying to say????? Confused

well let me start of by saying i am sorry for the rudeness and insults that were uncalled for. why this thread has caused such a stir i do not understand. i wouldnt call what you witnessed cheating it does appear to have been a bug in the system but all the nonsence and anger towards the miss use of the word cheating i mean come on guys is this really the impression we want to give new members to the forum?!?!?!?!?

Hey thanx guys but you all dn't really need to say sorry for others happens.. Cool

I see this a lot on here new members post threads and get ridiculed (it happened to me too) ok we are not all poker experts who all understand the terminology some other players/members use.

A joke is a joke but the need to be nasty to the point where a new member is now almost afraid to re-post is absolutely shameful!

Respect to sadamman at least you had the nuts to apologize for your comments, but come on guys this site is getting enough stick about its leaky passwords without the members being rude, unhelpful and down right disrespectful to a member who was asking a question!

maybe the wanna be poker experts and from what i see, wanna be english teachers should step down from their high horses and use their so called expertise to help new members/players instead of showing them up? or maybe you are all too scared that the expert testimonies are really just a load of crap? Confused

Posted by xDINGERx:

Respect to sadamman at least you had the nuts to apologize for your comments

Yeah respect to sadamman Thumbs Up Worship LOL considering how rude I was, I was shocked and happy to read this. Big Smile Tongue

Hey T!

Just wanted to say that you shouldn't be suprised at all.
HPP is really a funny smelling poker room.
I have played there for a year or so - been there in beta version and transition to a real money version.
What i saw there didnt see anywhere else not by a long shot.
DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF if somebody is asking.

Once i started a session on low 0.10/0.20€ and in first ten hands made 6 boats.
Now maybe some will say it happends but when you lose 3 of 6 full boats in first 10 hands i think the most of the skeptics will bliv that that s**t is at least strange.

Also lost 8€ when i played cash game and server froze.
They said "we don't know s**t".

It's not about money it is about principles.

I bliv your story no problems at all.

To all players that care for the game - DO NOT PLAY AT HPP!
There are better sites where you can lose your money Cool

The smount of straight flushes and FH's in a hand there have me scratching my head. I find it hard to accept this randomness as coincidence. I have watched a lot of tables and the same this is happening there. Yet in the time I have watched and played real tables its a thing that seldom occurs..?
PKR isn't as bad for these coincidental 5 hand allins AA JJ 1010 KK 25 and the low straight wins..?
I'm still out with the jury on HPP though.

Posted by tracibaby:
Hey thanx guys but you all dn't really need to say sorry for others happens.. Cool

In some regards we do, our goal is to let you know that there is a good community here that is ready and willing to help you improve your poker skills and dispel your poker doubts. So again, welcome and don't be afraid to ask questions.

@ Marbles: I don't have any concerns that High Pulse's deal isn't random. I played there a lot and that aspect of their software seemed fine to me. As mentioned above their software is new so they do have a few glitches to work out yet. One thing about them, anytime the software made a mistake with my winnings, I emailed them and they credited the amount to me everytime.

Have fun out there.

Always glad to hear of positive attitudes to HPP, and and the thought of them coming from reliable sources is even better. As I say, I'm really on the fence at the moment.
I totally agree with the view on their admin system, I have always had answers to queries, although I did have difficulties with the security when asking for a second withdrawal. I had to send all but my DNA before they came good. I do hope my docs are held safely by them.

So High pulse is a no no for me now...where else (apart from the obvivous Pokerstars and 888 ) is a good online poker site for New Zealanders???

Titan poker, carbon poker, and party poker are ones I'd advise you to check out. Just google New Zealand accepted poker rooms, although I'm not aware of any you can't play on.

Thanx buddy lol...Any with free rolls and bonuses?? I prefer not to spend money on sites unless i try them out 1st and they feel like no shady s**t is going on Tongue

Carbon has a few a day, so does party poker but there's lots of timedowns at the beginning on party and massive fields, not worth it, titan only has one for new players and you can only do one per day. Go on mob account, go to the bottom, and click show me the list and take a no deposit bonus.

Definitely look into a No Deposit Bonus Traci. Party Poker has a great offer here but their gift offer is so much better, so consider depositing. If you don't feel comfortable though, try any of the No Deposit Offers, and if you win, move your funds to Party for their gift offer.

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