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Come play on KingdomOfPoker  0   
Hello, I'm waiting for opponet on KingdomOfPoker...sitting on 0.5$/0.10$ stakes.Traffic 0!

I see the situation in Kingdom Of Poker gets worst by the time.
Players beg for an opponent to play Smile
This is one of the poker sites will be lost again before even getting widely known.
They come and go Smile

is a very poor situation on this site...I know that is on start up, but there are only 10 members online once, and from a week now i watched this site...No reason for getting soon up. And the players are the same like site, very poor, i watched them some hands and they call with every kind of cards, thinking that wil win.Maybe one time wins but at the end they are loosing.

One week ago i was at a plo table for 3-4 hours but no action unfortunately...

I also saw that the NL holdem tables are empty too, they should really do something to grow the traffic.


NL10 4tables of 6max,1 table of FR 19.00-02.00
NL20 1 table 6max 19.00-02.00
NL50 1table

Freerol at 22 played about 50players...

Hopefully traffic gets better.I think now there is majority of BMobers, hopefully asian guys will start playing there too...

makes you wonder where are all those hundreds that already got the no deposit bonus from here. did they spent it all already? and if so when? against who lol? The "kingdom of poker" seems to be on the moon....

Deceided to give them another try. No Sng's or tourneys and there's a $4.00 min BI at .05/.10 tables. Something is terribly not right with this site and they want a deposit? Maybe when it's
40 below 0 in July. (in North America)

Posted by Teracota:
.Traffic 0!

0 ? I'm pretty sure when i tried that site, there was even less !

Finally found the SnG's and freerolls. My BR is cut in half, if they don't start with some micro tables soon they'll lose alot of players. The BR's we are starting out with are rediculous. One bad session and it's gone...there isn't an opportunity for BR management. Can't BI for a SnG...starts at $5+...
someone will get rich quick and wonder who that'll be?
Have had quite afew NDB's...this is the strangest one yet. Guess if one is willing to drop $100-$200 a session it could be worth it.

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Posted by FCBO:
hopefully asian guys will start playing there too...

tbh i dont think that happening soon.
their software is awful, no moneybookers, no traffic and lowest games is 0.05/0.10
dont see any extra incentive to play there so why should players from asia choose them over the more reputed sites when they can easily play there.
using "asian market" is just a marketing strategy imo

I think I finally will open an account at KingdomOfPoker this weekend. I have this room available at my no deposit bonus list for a couple of months, but in the beginning it always told me the limited number of daily subscriptions had been reached each time I tried to open an account. After that, I started playing in another room, also with low traffic, but things started running very well for me there, so I got more enthusiastic and kept playing only there, concentrating my efforts to generate more profits. But now that I made my first withdraw there (this is always my first objective each time I register to a room) I can think about going to another, and KingdomOfPoker is a nice option at this moment! But don’t wait for me at that game, I think I will start on lower levels.

Hey everyone,

Kingdom of Poker is currently in a soft launch phase. We gave some free money to the Bankroll Mob because we wanted to start things going and fix what we could. A number of fixes we could not have done without a number of players playing, so we appreciate you taking a chance on our site.

At several times during the day you'll see a number of Kingdom of Poker tables running. Since we've only opened the site to a select few we are a little more susceptible to peak hours, which is when you see our low traffic.

The good thing is right now we're working on some great updates, we're in the process of getting every major ewallet, and soon we'll be opening the site to many more people.

Until then, enjoy! It's just the recreational players from Asia playing, and they call off all their chips with anything. It's a great site to build a bankroll.

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