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omg omg omg omg omg......

Sitting in 74/93........

been playing pretty abc poker but people are shoving and dropping fast now. please oh please feed me some AA..

Grats dude.. I've been playing a few of the bigger games on PKR (High Roller - $160, Prestige $109, Monte Carlo $77) and been doing fookin terrible. I crashed HR on the 3rd hand - slammed KK into AA lol.

Which, by the way - is what you bloody well done in this - but somehow lived to tell the tale.. Amazing the difference that early luck can make, chances of surviving KK vs AA are pretty slim and you got through (OK - no double up / suckout) but you still got to split the blinds / etc that were already in the pot.

Grats on placing ITM and hope you run all the way to the FT - keep us updated !

Thanks jesse.

yes, its such a fine line between success and failure in poker and i can empathize with your beats. I was on the phone with a buddy when i got dealt the KK and after 4 bets we both finally admitted he likely had AA.

Final hand of the game for me was 44 in sb. utg +2 limps. I limp. check bb. flop comes 2410. Check from me. bb bets 7500. utg +2 calls. I call. I had 20k after completing so i was trying to maximize my rewards. turn comes 8 Heart . Board now has two hearts but nothing else. I check. BB raises 7500. utg+2 calls. I shove my 14k in the pot and the BB calls and utg+2 calls. River hearts. Allin from BB and early player folds.

A3 Heart for the bb. pot was around 80-85k for me.

Finished in 53rd for 450$

Congrats on the place.. FWIW I'd probably ship the flop on that final hand.. But I get where you're coming from too..I do the same logic sometimes - If I am really short stacked in an MTT and I get dealt AA - sometimes I will slow-play it, just to maximise rewards (and risk too obv) - mostly so I either bust - or have a proper stack again vs a small double up.

Rainbow 2,4,10 flop also is fairly good board just to smooth call.. Any how, UL and WP Thumbs Up

good job bro wish i could have done better, but congrats watched ya play for a while.....

congrats micro well done Thumbs Up

Posted by mongo1976:
good job bro wish i could have done better, but congrats watched ya play for a while.....

Thx Mongo! Nothing stopping us from getting back in there. I almost can't wait for tomorrows games so i can play the same way. After my near death experience with KK i feel like i got back into playing the type of poker id almost feel good calling poker.

I recorded the whole thing but no way can i edit thru it all and make it watchable anytime soon. Its like 5 hours but im thinking ill make a edited for content version.

Here it is (music is annoying as hell i found in editing and playback but its done now so...)

congrats on trhe cash.have to be one of the best and most consistent players on here.
i enjoy all your posts and think that some day you are going to have to give all us BRM members a training session,
want to be able to get my wins on a consistent basis as yours..
1st of all i need to manage my BR better.starting as of today im making it my number 1 goal to manage my BR. 2 me that is 1 of my big downfalls as i can win and build a decent Br but i then get bored and blow it at cash games. but from now on im on a strict budget and management style regime Smile Smile
try this and hopefully start managing my winnings better,(which i have also made a breakthrough today after being on a constant losing streak)
but keep up the goodwork and posts Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

GL at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Very nice Micro Thumbs Up
One more cash-in to the steadily growing br Blink

Very happy for you.

I was reading your post last night as you were playing and hoping for the best for you.
That AA vs KK was a huge save, and just bloody perfect really.
That´s the way i see it. Been busted with KK against AA too many times to see it otherwise.
Couldn´t follow your game last nite, wish I could have.

I know the feeling, I had in in the Party million last year, cashing 100th out of a 200 man bubble.
Unbelievable feeling when you play those stakes and cash well in a $640 buy-in tournament.

I was actually 11th after the first 1h30min. 11th !!
And I took a decision to start playing tighter.
I wanted to cash, and I did.
Have mixed feelings to this day, as I might have gone for the FT at that point with that stack, but it was still early, and no sense looking back. I probably would have been busted sometime sooner, because the play was excellent and very tricky.
Nothing like high stakes! It´s real bloody Poker.

I´m always jealous of the 5-6 digit bankrolls who can play these games on a weekly basis.

I´m sure you will build on this, and I know the feeling, the higher stakes play have gotten a hold on you!

Just be careful out there. Blink
And keep it up!

$450? Very nice reward for a fine, smart and strategic game for you MicroMachina! I don’t knw if you already have plans for that prize, but save some to keep trying to enter on higher flights through satellites, this reward just showed you can it, so it is worth to keep giving it another tries!

gratz man Big Smile

Congrats MicroMachina.

450$ is a good prize for a MTT.
Sad the heart in the river in the last hand but well played imo. Only two ways to play it, maximize as you do or check reraise allin in flop.

Next time in FF!!

Thanks Mobsters!!!!

Graham, I know you can do it man. Just keep grinding those money tree games and the micro 1$ ds games.

The only reason it played was because i won a freeroll called "100 seats to the 100k" which had 1400 or so people enter it. The crazy part is im already entered into next saturdays freeroll by the same name. The requirements are 250 vpps to play but i entered this weeks right after last weeks ended and no way i got 250 points in the 4 hours it took to play the game.

Island im with you brother. I totally emphasize with your story. To put it into better terms of how i approached the money ill say this. Because it was a freeroll ticket i didnt pay for, and because min cash was 213$ once i got safely into the money i was in pure muck mode. I folded AK a couple times in the 150 to 117 stage when 117 was in the money. I totally know i would have won chips with those hands but i was never playing for first sadly.

To make you feel only slightly better ill say the guy who was in first all game with uber stack went out short of the final two tables.

It is so addictive to want to play those games but i cant do it other then in freerolls.

Because of the blinds at no point was i out of it when in the money. Had that heart not come and the utg limper not had 1010 or 88 id have been set for a deep run or time to wait for more cards.

I really was paralyzed by the huge money increases. 27th was 1k.... the guy that felted me went out in 21st i believe.

I really am jacked about trying my tighter game in my normal games. Typically in the money i open up a bit and snag some of the loose change but in that game i wasn't thinking about the win ever.

Next time folks..... Next time Blink

gl at the felt mobsters and may all ur cards hold

That's kicking it Micro. Glad to see you fared so well. It's been nice to play on the same felt as many times as we have. Rarely see any Mobsters at the same table and think I've been on 3 or 4 with you. Hope you continue to kick em and good luck to all Mobsters!

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