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Playing a DON, managed to be the bubble. Playing as TFS1971 ... would you have played differently at this stage of the tournament ?

150/300 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (STT Tournament #67435751) - Sun Feb 26 19:22:33 EST 2012
Table Table Double or Nothing Speed #2272948 (Real Money) -- Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 6/10
Seat 1: activcassa33 (5450)
Seat 3: Saicogambler (2895)
Seat 4: I_C_dead_people (875)
Seat 6: hummerfisker (1000)
Seat 7: rrreeesiv (7130)
Seat 9: TFS1971 (2650)
TFS1971 posts small blind (150)
activcassa33 posts big blind (300)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to TFS1971 [ Kd, Kh ]
Saicogambler folds
I_C_dead_people folds
hummerfisker folds
rrreeesiv folds
TFS1971 raises 1050 to 1200
activcassa33 calls (900)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9s, 2d, 7c ]
TFS1971 bets (1450)
TFS1971 is all-In.
activcassa33 calls (1450)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Tc ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 9c ]
Creating Main Pot with 5300 with TFS1971
** Summary **
Main Pot: 5300
Board: [ 9s 2d 7c Tc 9c ]
activcassa33 balance 8100, bet 2650, collected 5300, net +2650 [ As Ah ] [ two pairs, aces and nines -- As,Ah,Tc,9s,9c ]
Saicogambler balance 2895, didn't bet (folded)
I_C_dead_people balance 875, didn't bet (folded)
hummerfisker balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
rrreeesiv balance 7130, didn't bet (folded)
TFS1971 balance 0, lost 2650 [ Kd Kh ] [ two pairs, kings and nines -- Kd,Kh,Tc,9s,9c ]

It's is push or fold phase here so I would shove preflop.....but, unfortunately for you, the final outcome would be the same.

Playing dons sometimes folding KK and AA is +EV: maybe this is one of these situations (seat 4 and seat 6 are really short and they are supposed to fight each other to get ITM).

What makes a fold harder than usual here imho is you are in blindbattle against a bigstack: it's unlikely he would risk half of his stack in this situation (with two short players) unless he is holding a monster.

The buyin info is useful here, the lower it is the less relevant are my suggestions (lots of random players in lower levels).

The statements above are written my donkish opinion Big Smile


As magatt966 says you are in push-or-fold. Push without doubt here and go for another SnG (´cause you had the bad luck of found AA, ouch!).

Better luck next time!

I would not have bet that big before the flop; you were already heads up with the BB, since everybody folded. A big bet like that, will likely only get you the blinds, only a very strong hand would call you (unless all your bets are that big, but I'm guessing they are not).

Also committing half your stack, means there's no getting away from the hand anymore. The BB has you covered, and knows you are pot committed, so all he has to do is call, knowing it's gonna go all-in, unless the flop scares you.

That being said, KK vs AA is never easy to get away from. It's just that if the BB would have had just QQ or AQ, he might have folded, and your big bet would have cost you a really good opportunity to double up.

Tough break though...

Even though you are in push or fold phase I would maybe just have done a small raise preflop (But only for the reason that 2 shortstacks are on the table).
But for sure it is hard to get away from KK on this flop.

Why feel stupid ? You no have big stack, BB already high for your stack, didn't easy to KK, maybe two round of button ( or orbit ) we didn't get properly card to shove. His all in not always AA, many player play QQ with same way. Just not your time to win. Many time we have to give up to destiny Sad Sad Sad
Good Luck next time, you will get it Smile Smile

You don’t have to feel stupid for loosing that hand. If you decided to slowplay, I guess he would lead you to the all-in in the same, so it would be the same thing. How could you put him in AA?

there's nothing to feel stupid about- you had your strategy, it didn't work out and that's that, we've all been there and experienced similar situations- that's poker. i personally play dons in a very simple manner- go all in or fold- this way i can multitable easily, and steal more blinds than slowplaying or applying any other wicked strategy Shock

Don't feel stupid at all. No getting away from that really. Different bet sizing would probably be advisable like's been previously posted but it would always have ended the same way.

I've played safe in DoN's before in those situations and ended up the short stack due to the shorties doubling up and it ended with me bubbling. THAT is where I felt stupid. J's and below I'd consider folding to a push but not K's.

Allin preflop.
No stupid, just unlucky.

Since it was the bubble my move would depended on how much the final place was getting paid.
I would have folded if the money was a nice amount since only in your table you had
2 lower stacks and the blinds were at 300.
But if i was at that stage and decided to play the hand it would have been all
in preflop.
It was a decision with a bad outcome.
Nothing to feel stupid about.We all have been is such situations at the bubble and lost Smile

E feel better now Smile Thanks for all your answers.

It was a 6$ buy in on 10 seat DON at PP. I felt really stupid loosing this one because I was really short stacked and last place for quite a long time, then managed to get up and stayed confortable, and then ...... Aww crap! Like everybody here noticed, there were two short stacks on the table ... just a little patience and it would run better. Well lessons learned Big Smile

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