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@ micronachina

been checkin you posts lately...not too shabby.

Had the bright idea of trying to download and play at no avail.

its been two days and still no verification email. and no way to contact support; so i gave up.

what gives? you gotta have a cool name or something to play there?

Um, i think FireFox, moxilla and chrome all cause issues when trying to receive verification.

Once u make an account u should have access to player admin. From there you can ask support to verify you. I said something along the lines of "wtf kind of mom and pop show u running here? my verification isnt workin?" they fixed it promptly.

Pas de problems mon copain Smile

Micro, hero poker should give you an estra bonusmate, it seems that your video poker blog redirected a lot of players there Big Smile

One question about here poker: the traffic that is on carbon poker is also on here poker?

Along with all the merge skins.

Yeah if hero had ne clue they would advertise on this site.

This is actually good since i imagine the traffic is pretty good on all limits, micro or low Smile

Dos hero poker offer also an instant cash bonus on your first deposit or just the classic 100% deposit bonus?

yeah there is plenty of traffic in all cash game stakes.

Im not sure what offers they have for depositing. Surely nothing Carbon combined with here couldnt outdue.

I never heard about this pokerroom. Which network is that? And how many players there? And which bonus offers they are giving?

honestly never heard of this room, since the friend is saying it is having trouble accessing it think or try to make my record then, usually when the bonus offers seem to be very easy and because the room is still trying to get new players finally if any of you succeed and find that the room is good even in the update here on the topic

I signed up, managed to make some $$$ from PLO 24man freeroll, tried those hyper 1 table sngs to build a roll. 11cent buy in top 2paid, very profitable if you wait for a moderately playable hand. Thus far up to $1.18 so waiting for around 10 before I venture to cash tables. GL us

having said that am over $1.20 now and can sit a limit hl table for 80 cents less risk to my br and idiots at those limits, maybe leave at a dollar or so

Edited by liberesto (09 March 2012 @ 20:26 GMT)

as far as the email verification goes i found i couldnt get it to send to hotmail but when i tried my gmail account it went right away. the traffics good freerolls are awesome and easy to make money at. and good group of regular players there its my second fav site next to stars

I didnt need to verify my email. I believe this was because I have/had accounts on the merge network before.

Having said that.

I just took down a triumvirate freeroll for an astounding 50 bucks. Not to shabby.

Looks like a lil sumpin sumpin to get started with.

Peace. Big Smile Tongue

LOL, shark was just telling me he got bounced in 6th in the tri. maybe u bounced him? lol

Thats is The hardest game on the site to win. Great game to play because people play it well near the end but its so hard. Gratz on the accolade =]

If he goes by 98pokershark, he was there; but it wasn't me that ruined his day. I forget the name of the dude that did. but that guy finished third.

I thought it was pretty quick tourney. You say that is the hardest game to finish in. wow. there was only 140 runners and the tourney lasted under 3 hours.

pretty good payday for so little invested.

Nothing compard to some of the marathons i have run on ps for a smaller pay/greater time involved.

I guess this is where all the americans are playing too eh? always easy money haha.

what other tourneys do ya play on there?? ...see ya on the felts.


but because it only pays top 3 its a real fight in my time zone. They run the same game again usually 9pm est but bc of DST its 10pm i think tonight for me.

I play all the small ball guaranteeds.

still if its maxed it is only 300 players. I played at 2 in the morning pacific time. lasted til a lil after 4am.

is 98pokershark and pokershark74 the same guy?

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