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My attitude towards poker has always been, as long as you play in the money you're doing good. My poker names throughout the poker world is usually Aimhigh, I think the name says it all. The main goal is to reach that final table, then start a new kind of game, and then win.
When we was down to 19 people i was on the SB and bubble boy. I had 7 5 off suit and decided that this was the time to push so I took my 29K in chips and did just that. Got 2 callers and was lucky enough to flop 2 pairs and win the hand. Now i'm in 9th, not 19th. But the cards at this point were really bad, and they didn't improve at all for the duration. After spending most of the tourney in the top 20. So I'll take a 14th placing and be satisfied. Cost $6.30 to play for 4 1/2 hours.

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Be in the money is priority for me.
You could do better if you had the cards but your result isnt bad.
You got paid and its way better than playing so many hours and get nothing at all. Smile
gl in your next games.

aye,it's always good to be itm,if you make the ft then even better,once you make that ft then you take it from there maybe even go on to win if your lucky.anyways well done on your cashing and keep going as i'm sure you will get there sometime soon. Smile

Yeah, keep trying, your time will come. All of us know not easy get prize at MTT so many factor. as long as we had profit is enough, at least we can continue learning without broke our bankroll. Slowly is more save, at last I too hurry and found my bankroll broke Sad . Congrats and good luck next Smile

Lol i think you are drunkin not high Big Smile I saw at the micro games that all donks must be high or drunkin when they go allin every hand. But its ok, evreybody can play like he wants Blink

Tournaments are really complicated especially when you are in the ITM zone, many people fold most of the cards in that period...

You could turn that in your advantage to steal a lot of blinds especially that all want to conserve their stack Blink

So how long did yopu lay off of poker or were you just playing and haven't been visiting BRM? Just recall your first post stating you hadn't played for a while since "Black Friday". If not, ddo you think the slow down helped your poker playing patience?
Also, nice placement in the your recent finish!

to be in the money is not my main priority, since for just being in the money you usually get just the double buyin and considering that you do not get in the money at every second attempt, getting the double buy in is not enough to play profitably in the long run- so Aimhigh is a great tip Worship

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