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I never play PS really.
Playing today because there is a Leaderboard Promo to play in a tournament Live in a month or so.

I was able to chat at the last table, was just moved, and now it says:
"The player chat has been turned off"

WTF? Why?
I don't think I changed anything in options.

Anybody know?

It could be close to bubble time and they switch off the chat during that phase to avoid slowroll discussions or something..... Confused

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Posted by mascona:
I could be close to bubble time and they switch off the chat during that phase to avoid slowroll discussions or something..... Confused


We were about 20/25 from the bubble in a 520 field.
I'll check once we get through it.


Through the bubble and chat still not working.

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They shut it str8 down for remainder of game if i remember correctly. Cant recall when this started but at least been like this for a year more likely longer.

really id like to know as well though too.

I have never heard of something like that before mascona.
The only thing i know most sites do is disabling the chat when someone is all in,
and chat comes back after th hand is finished.

Not from you and you have changed any option in your account.
Some tables have chat JokerStars closed for some meals such as Hyper-Turbo and nothing you can do.

Good luck at the tables!

What's slowrolling? Either way I'm not sure where I stand on that. Chat is fun especially nearer to the end of the tournament and if it's just completely disabled that's kinda lame. I support decisions that increase the fairness of the game but who would use the chat window to cheat anyway? It'd be obvious to everyone.

At the bubble time and in allin situations where the chat closed. It was a protection vs. dirty talh or collusion at the tables. I think this is a right option for the introduced player.

Of course it is...I saw so many times someone asking whole table for slowplay ----> not folding automaticaly - only to be able to get a pay pleace....that's why they switching off the chat...

I didn’t knew they would shut the chat because of that. It seems reasonable, I believe they must have had so many complaints about that in the past that now they do that to avoid more problems. They are the online room with more experience, so they should know what they are doing. Fine with me, almost never use it.

Not sure what to tell you, i haven't played too many tournaments on pokerstars but what i can tell you is that this never happend to me...

Still, pokerstars has an exellent support so don't be afrais to ask them, you'll get an answer in max an hour or so Blink

Ha ha, so slowrolling is the jargon for using max time out to reduce blinds? Makes sense, but son't they usually do hand by hand close to the bubble to negate the effect of this strategy? Also admittedly, I'll use it if it's the only thing I can do to increase my odds of placing.

correct me if im wrong but isnt the term slowrolling like pre online poker... as in someone shows down a straight and the guys like darn nice hand... TOO BAD I HAVE FLUSH HAHAHAHAHAHA.

i always thought that was what slowrolling was Confused

but ya ive seen chat being turned off on a number of occations and agree its quite possible its to stop people from using max time and trying to move there table as a whole further. i dont pay much attention to chat as my pokerstars chat is currently banned for a month lmfao.

Yeah slowrolling is when you have the nuts and time down before you make a call/raise or in live poker, showdown.

Alright then, thanks for the clarification. I would've thought that the two occurences you guys described would have been called sand bagging. I guess that's the trouble with slang/jargon, it's usually not universally established.

Never heard of sand bagging but like it. Thumbs Up Another way of describing slow rolling, would be, being a twat. Tongue

I'm actually aware of people that have really small stacks and try to get in the money but they usually activate their time banks, not chat lol

As i previosly said you can always contact the pokerstars support for any question do you have Blink

well if you are not in buble or all in situation, than only option is - press on chips ( in dealer position) and check chat options.

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