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beat by a kicker!!!!  0   
Only had this a few times but boy makes ya wanna break something.

late stage of a MTT, gettin close to the final table. playing tight but losing to the flops.

finally a hand.

UTG calls. fold around to

Pocket tens. short stacked. shove. hope to just pick up the blinds. fold to UTG. calls my all-in.

flip'em A10o

Really wtf?

flop JJK

could it get any worse.

turn 9 there's a slight glimmer of hope.

river K

crushed like my dreams. [ Smile| ] that shits Evil .

i feel your pain man had the same thing happen to me earlier today in a tournament, not as bad seeing as mine was 4s not 10s lol but ya hate when the two pair on board fcks your day up Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

what can we say ? no tactical bet. Shove just about condition. That's LUCK tactic Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I got it few times. Lost near final table really hurt. but you got prize, don't you ? It.s not bad at all. Good luck next time Smile

It's weird losing to a counterfeit - it always feels like you're getting screwed so much more than if they had just HIT their over-card.

Posted by jessthehuman:
It's weird losing to a counterfeit - it always feels like you're getting screwed so much more than if they had just HIT their over-card.

so true mate! i dont know what it is about this situation but it just grinds your gears your like really thats how it is eh? lmfao one of pokers many quirks!!! Agree Agree

who knows was it pokerstars???? maybe it was rigged.... rofl Evil Evil Evil its like if you have a suited connector and flop a flush and then the guy calls your all in with nothing but two overs one of which is the ace of what ever your flush is and guess what that flopped flush draw goes bye bye lmfao but if you think about it alot of times that person was either ahead of you pre flop or pretty close to a coin flip.

Hi GomerAssassi!

If your stack is short and the limper have a good stack, he properly calls (not sure if is a real good move, but we can see thousands like that). Is hard to be beaten TT vs AT but all of us saw worst hands.

I also agree with the above.
Thats the worst way of losing, you get the best hand preflop and you end losing
the hand from two pairs on the table with high kicker.And it was TT Smile Not 33,44.
I will always take the "normal" loss instead of this.

Ah, I feel your pain Gomer!

I remember a similar hand playing IRL (10$ SnG), but definetly worse cause it wasn't just a pre flop shove. One of my friends that plays pretty tight (sometimes too tight IMO) had 10-10, raised, got called by a guy who doesn't play poker very often with Q-4 suited on BB. Flop comes JJJ. Guy with 10-10 bets outs his full house, BB shoves his Q high trying to rep a full house or a quad (I guess). 10-10 snap calls, turn comes 7 and river J Big Smile

JJJJQ wins of course! That hand was epic, it shows perfectly how there's no justice in poker Blink

Maybe that A10 had good stack, or even if he was as short as you, maybe that would be the best hand he could expect to try to boost his chips. You did well, but he also did well, the table just didn’t helped you. The kicker also counts in the game. Remember: the winner is the one with the best combination of five cards. It is always hard to realize this after loosing.

These kind of things really happen all the time so the only advice i could give as always is to play in bankroll...

This way all these bad beats won't affect you that much in the future. Better luck next time!

The week was fare to me until last night and tonight so far. Gonna have to work a full shift Saturday just to cover my losses. lol Nah, it's not that bad because the day I lose $200.00 in a day or two is when I make to much money and will be playing poker for a living. Not that $200 is a lot, but when you only play in the micros it would take a long time to lose that much, losing $20 in poker seems terrible to me.

Posted by GomerAssassi:
Only had this a few times but boy makes ya wanna break something

you can break your head, also have a go at the computer Hit PC of course you can hit your guinea pig a few times as well, but would recommend unleashing your anger at animals Big Smile another option is to go to a local casino and after some quality time on the tables to hit everyone on the roulette table with the near by chair Worship

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