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The Hammer in the 6th end????   0   
Yesterday i entered a team into the regional Bonspiel. A bonspiel is a curling tourny that marks the end of the season (i believe). I enlisted three good friends for the squad and for only 20$ each we got to play in the tourny and lunch was provided.

We started off drawing last years champs in the first match and the first end they had the hammer and sunk us for 3 stones. They shared alot of their experience with us during the first couple ends but then by the 4th end the game was a draw and things were getting serious for them. We were catching on fast and were no longer sending stones thru the back. We took the 5th end for 2 stones and in the final end (6th, usually there are 10 ends i think but thats a long tourny) they had the hammer. We were playing 2 points for any bitter on the button and i had managed to sit one there my final stone. Their skip had some real skill with drawing and froze their stone infront of mine and tied up the game for a extra end. We had the hammer. The skip must have forgot i was a southpaw because he got everyone to set up guards on the right side leaving the left wide open. As soon as i settled into the hack he facepalmed and i knew if i could sit it we had them. I stuck it dead center and we took the game.

The next two games we just killed the opposition and in one they even surrendered such a large lead they had to forfeit by the 4th end. We were cooking with gas by then and the defending champs losing only 1 match after 5 games and us unblemished set up the Championship match with us vs them.

We went into the final end up 2 and had the hammer. Meaning we throw last and because we had the lead we could just clear the deck and assure a win. The final rock had them sitting 2 rocks and one a bitter meaning potentially 3 points. I sent in the rock and looked to split both the stones and send them out. I totally missed the shot and jammed a guard but luckily the guard kicked the lone point out to allow them a steal of 2 and extra ends.

We had the hammer again though and his time we jus filled the house with stones. Their skip with one stone remaining had to pull off a triple take out and being such a hard shot the risk was high he could miss altogether. Which he did and we took down the Bonspiel as tourny champs which meant free drinks at the legion for a week. We also got our name on the trophy and invited as defending champs to next years tourny.

Overall alot of fun.

I don't know what game this is unless it's where your sliding the weird looking things with a handle down the lane to get close to the center. Am I right? I can picture your game and what your doing so you told it well. If that's the game I've watched it and seems very fun. Winning drinks for a week and recognition is well worth any good time.

Haven't seen you on Merge Network lately! Have you been playing much? I need a break and this week I think I'll take it. Good Luck in Alll!

you are right GM Smile And i agree well worth the time indeed.

Ive been playing much less and with less zest then usual. I have to work this upcoming week so i may not play much if at all as well.

Thanks for the kind words and u know i wish u also the very best luck!!

Us Canadians enjoy a good curl now and again nothing like hockey but it will usually suffice as a little bit of fun here and there

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