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another usseless support conversation !!!!!  0   
well here it comes:

You are now chating with Andreia

Andreia: Hello xxxxx,how are you? I've just revieuwed your account,and i've seen that you haven't
claimed your initial match bonus and ur initial free spins.would you like me to help you to calim them?

Me: i already did and won,then spoke with alrick and he said at the end of that free spins hour my account was ended at exactly 3000,,but i calim it ended at 4299+ the last spin which was a hit at nr 15 ,playing european roulette..

Andreia: Can i have ur account number please?

Me: he asked the same,well here it comes..tcvrxxxxxxxx

Andreia:Thank you xxxxx

Me:ur welcome
Andreia Tonguelease could u confirm the following for me:first and last names,email adress,date of birt,contact telphone number,Registered home address.

Me: john wayne [email protected]
Me : tel06-xxxxxxxx and home xxx-xxxxxxx
Andreia: Would you mind waiting a quick moment while I check my records?
Andreia:give our New game 'Bengal Tiger'a try.
Get 3 or more 'Eye of the Tiger' synbols,and get Your bonus spins!
Andreia Tonguelease remember to rate my service at the end of this chat,at following link:
AndreiaI will be with you shortly.
Me:ok,i'll hold
Andreia Tonguelease apologise for my colleague previous information,in fact you do qualify for the Free
Play winnings.All you need to do is make a deposit of € 50 to claim the € 200 you have won

Me: ahaa,ok, there an to this deposit that i have to make,
and what are the requirementsfor cashing out,do i need to fullfill wager requirements?
This sounds so much better,,because i did win as i claimed.

Andreia: You have 7 days to make a deposit and claim the free spins winnings of € 200.You also need to wager 30 times the bonus balance before you will be able to make withdrawal.

Me:Which means i have to win 30 times 200 euro?

Andreaia: Yes that is correct.

Me: So i have to dep. 50 euo and just win 6000 euro to get the 200euro bonus,is that correct?
Andreia: Yes that is correct John wayne.

Me: wauw,what a great offer,that's almost too easy don't u think??
Me: u still there?

and that was end of conversation....

first i was talking to some other dude from support, he said i did not win and my free spins balance was exactly 3000,,,,the initial 3000 free spins that they gave me...

however in 60 minutes ,i made it € 4299 + the last spin which was also a hit....

when i spoke to him about it threw life-support ...he never said it ,but i came out as a fantast not knowing to count or see that i was at euro 4299 at end of this free spins hour...

then he started to ,instead offer me a 100% dep.offer ...and i said to him ,well all pokerrooms and casino's offer that ,so what's special about ,that???
why don't u just do as u promised in the free spins promotion ???or give me 3000 new spins and i make it over 4000 again,,,then u pay me out ,what i won???

he answered ,i can't do that,, and i replied,, : you know what ? Keep that promotion money i've won...notify the tax office that u paid it out,put it in your whallet and buy something nice with it for ur wife or children
i will not beg for this money,,so very important ,,if u can do something for me,,,delete my account,,
i will not play at your casino since u made a bad start...waisting at least an hour of my time.
Him: we don't want to lose u as a player at our casino..
Me:u just did,amigo ,have a nice day..i'll delete it myself

My own name has been made fictif ,,,because its private i changed it in john wayne ,,the rest is all original.

What a fuckers ,,some partners of this same casino company have contacted me before with the same kind of promition and as soon as you qualify and win,,,errors start to appear and the bonusmoney ,u just don't get it...

So months ago ,i wrote them an angry letter ,to leave me alone and never ever contact me or send emails to my address again.

And what did i see in my mail box again?? exactly euro3000 free spins from a partner of the same gamblingnetwork.

Forget about any pokersites advertising falsly,,,,these guys are the reel fuckers
Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Most disturbing is,,they have so much info from me...when i registered,,,

tel nr,adress,date of birth,email ...they only haven't got my bank pincode....

Damn 1000 times,, do i hate this company and its partners...


Does anyone here at Bankrollmob have experienced the same with this network please tell us so we are all warned,,if u have a positive experience i also like to know.

And if someone knows where i can report these fuckers,,i'd like to know ass well...

maybe some internet authority??

This is why i never use online casinos, oops tell a lie i signed up with Vernons yesterday lost my £20 no deposit Big Smile would never deposit at a online casino. Although Sky has a unique system, play sky poker and you can use your bankroll at their casino, Bingo and sportsbetting and you don't even have to transfer funds from one to the other.

Your name is John Wayne Shock Tongue

lol , i changed it ,,for private reasons Smile Smile Smile Smile

Posted by sadamman:
Your name is John Wayne Shock Tongue

MY Names T Wayne L Shock Big Smile ( long lost cousin to the Queen lol Joke or am I)
Dollar Dollar Dollar Makes some rich and some poor these days (in old days, it be caveman's & cave ladys be bartering! your POT V my POT LOL) Big Smile
@ mikelaw47; Vernons its same software i have as my casino (GrandReef, same software/games Playtech) At GrandReef i have over 1.7million play chips last time i looked(wish it was real Dollar ) ( i Had ADMIN there trying to get me go for money, no go there, but I'm thee poor lost cousin of the Queen LOL True! Not lol, but i like say I'm rich in spirit / soul not monez )

Edited by 0HighTimes0 (08 June 2012 @ 12:32 GMT)

Casino on LINE is like a DARK HOLE

SUCKS your money honey and doesn't even kiss you.
I avoid all Casino on line.

Smile Big Smile Cool

I don't know why anybody would think an online casino is going to give out free money. Of course your going to have to make a deposit.And of course there is going to be a play through. Online casino's are for fool's and Idiots .even land based casino's if you play slots or any other game of chance, odds are you are going to lose your money. Your best bet is to stick with poker.. Cool

I've never even played an on-line casino, but between Vegas and Laughlin I somehow ended up $15,000 in the hole. Thing is, there were many nights I came home with $1000 to $2500 that I won. Just goes to show, after 4 years of going to both cities to play in the long run I still managed to end up losing. This was a rough calculation my wife and I tabulated.

I advise people that want to play online casino's to choose a casino where you can play live casino also such as 888 casino, unibet casino etc

And then only play the live games for bigger money and play the slots or games for fun if you have the money

Indeed al those free bonuses are just bs as is most of the online casino software
You will never win unless the casino wants you 2
That meens that you CAN win at some casino's but you have to be very lucky

So play live casino online or no casino at all or even better a real casino

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