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I had a Great Week so far FT on Wednesday in a 5000$ Guaranted 22$ Buy-in tournament where i finished 5 for 312$.
Tuesday finished 13 in a 2500$ Guaranted 6 Max 6$ Buy-in Tournament for 30$.
Monday i finished 11 in a 1500 Guaranteed Speed 22$ Tournament for 29,44$.
And tonight i won a 2500$ Guaranted Deepstack 6$ Buy-in Tournament for 348,78$(made a deal when we were just 4 because i was to tired to play after 7 hours of play and a long day) Cool
All Games played on PP

So i had a pretty nice Week hope to continue like that will telling you if i win more Smile
Gl on the tables

Sweeet Big Smile Dollar Dollar

Keep it up!

How much could have you got for 1st when you did that chop?

Good must be a good tournament player to win that all...GL......

Great job Thumbs Up allthough i am not a big fan off your chop Sad

Nice swing. You might try higher levels because spending so much time for so few winnings couldn't be worth it. Here we have only the tournaments you win (of course, normally people don't post the tournaments they lose!) so I hope the total profit of your invest is positive.

Great results !
I used to play tournaments before but now i play cash games.
The reason is simple : these tournaments last too long.
7 hours off play to win 30$ is not my cop of thee.
if you play cash games you can take a break whenever you want and go to the toilet
a little bit longer Big Smile

I also don´t liked my chop but i got the money i would have got when i get 2 otherwise with that chop but first place was 600 $ was chipleader but was very close with all the others so no problem with that and had a very lucky FT was short stack when FT started and could have win it but also become 4th for 110 $ so i thought it was a good chop cause i was to tired to play solid poker on 3 am here.
This week so far i have winnings from 500 $ so this week was nice but also had some bad weeks like everybody Blink
And for the time subject normally i play Speed or tournaments with 100-150 runners so it normally takes 3-4 hours for final table in short fields and 1 1/2-2 1/2 for the speed ones also short fields that is important cause just final table you get the big wins and normally don´t like to play Deepstack tournaments but was the only one that was on at the time i get home so don´t wanted to wait 1/2 hour to play. So normally my winnings in most tournaments are after 3 hours so not so bad cause cash game i am a really bad player Blink
And thanks for all your congratulations Smile

Very nice results, keep going, don't blow your BR on big big buyins.

Not a fa of the chop either, but I guess you had your reasons.

Some tournaments I've had to donk in due to commitments when the tourney has run on longer than I expected and I literally don't have time to keep playing.

How do you work out the deal to chop. Only been playing about a year and a half, but never seen the opportunity to do this. Is it an agreement betwen all players to total the (in your case) the last for players prize money, then divide amongst the four of you? Just curious and unaware!

Nice run you got there i hope it gets like this next week too and even better
The final table deal some times helps cause you are securing more money, unless you want to
gamble for the first place which is getting paid higher.

Once i was watching such a game in PP when the second player proposed a deal, leader
refused and after few minutes the leader lost Smile

That is absolutely awesome. Good show my friend, keep it up and you'll be set for life! You should be very proud Smile. Quick question for you, how does making a deal work? Is there a software option for that? Or do you just have to trust people to pay you? Quite a gamble in the second instance.

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