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$500,000 buy-in tournament at the 2013 WSOP APAC?

Not even 2 weeks have passed since Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari took down the most expensive tournament in poker history, The Big One for One Drop at the 2012 WSOP, for bank-busting $18,346,673! Now it seems like a new big high roller tournament is on its way... According to what Richard Yong, an Asian billionaire businessman who finished 8th in One Drop, said in an interview next year's W[...]   Read more » $500,000 buy-in tournament at the 2013 WSOP APAC?

$500,000 buy-in tournament at the 2013 WSOP APAC?   0   
That's pretty intense.

I think bigger and bigger tourneys are going to keep cropping up - I'd like there to be some charitable part to this.

One drop was about an insane poker tournament, but more about the One Drop $5m fundraising.

well this is probably because of the money is losing it's worth- more and more money is printed and some people have more than needed, so they are "helped" by various event organizers who think of bigger and better tourneys all the time- i believe this trend is gonna continue. woohoo more million tourneys are gonna be popping up soon

I think 500k is a bit more affordable both for the players and both for the people that want to stake them.

Still, i would like to have year after year such a competition. It also makes a ton of publicity for WSOP Smile

wow after the 1 million buy-in....500 thousand double chance....WSOP is moving poker to a very high level......and this time its in ASIA.....this is going to be awesome.....

I liked the fact that some money of the One Drop event was donated to a charity, but overall i didn't like the One Drop event and i wont probably like this one either. I hate the fact that these events have a bigger prize pool than the worlds most pretigue event the WSOP Main Event. And there are almost no regular or new people there. There's only billionaires and the same old pro-poker players i'm already tired of watching and hearing about. I like to see new faces in poker and cheer for the underdog, but these tournaments don't give such an option. It is pretty boring for me to see the same people playing each other over and over again.

Without a doubt asia would be very fast the center of the poker world, live and online due to fact that more and more people from that area is discovering poker Smile

Even online i noticed lately tons of players from Singapore, Taiwan and China.

$500k is already what i tis, and it will even have a re-entry? I think we may see a couple more players than we saw at One Drop, but not that many more. And Esfandiari should be one of them, he has no excuse not to go.

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