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SO sick fishdonk hand  0   
** Hand # 1958225145 starting - 2008-04-09 16:48:38
** Amber Transformer [Hold 'em] (0.10|0.20 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

PimpN818 sitting in seat 1 with $22.95[Dealer]
TORMULAINEN sitting in seat 2 with $19.30
Asikainen sitting in seat 3 with $30.45
KingMosavi sitting in seat 4 with $5.24
DonEne sitting in seat 5 with $43.22
farang999 sitting in seat 6 with $22.12
TORMULAINEN posted the small blind - $0.10
Asikainen posted the big blind - $0.20

** Dealing cards to TORMULAINEN: Kh, Ac
KingMosavi folded
DonEne folded
farang999 folded
PimpN818 called - $0.20
TORMULAINEN raised to $1.30
Asikainen called - $1.30
PimpN818 called - $1.30

** Dealing the flop: As, 6s, 3d
DonEne > I had middle pair 9, yhink he had a busted draw
TORMULAINEN bet - $2.40
Asikainen folded
PimpN818 called - $2.40

** Dealing the turn: Ad
TORMULAINEN bet - $8.70
PimpN818 called - $8.70

** Dealing the river: 10s
TORMULAINEN went all-in - $7.00
PimpN818 called - $7.00
PimpN818 shows: 2s, 3s
PimpN818 wins $38.10 from the main pot

Edited by tormulainen (10 April 2008 @ 12:59 GMT)

yeah man, i think everyone here knows how it feels. if you pushed harder on turn maybe you would won this hand. i said maybe cause fishes are everywhere.

Hmm, I think the turnbet is enough, PimpN818 should lay down there, but the fishes plays everything that's suited..

Only 1 question:
Do U post here in the same situation, but if he dont get flush on river?
U play right, and on long run U get profit from him. Stop wonder about fishes. Fish=Our money.

Posted by djbuddy:
yeah man, i think everyone here knows how it feels. if you pushed harder on turn maybe you would won this hand. i said maybe cause fishes are everywhere.

i know that maybe i should have pushed allin in turn but i know that if he calls my bet on turn he HAS TO CALL the river bet but fishes are fishes i love them but when they do something like this pisses me off.

You bet way too much on the turn.

YES dude its sick but if you play that hand 1000000 times you win like 650000 so remeber youlle still loose 350000 of them so i guess if you want to play a 1000000 hands i would say get use to it and im not still use to it LOL it keeps on SUCKING i hate it to

you don't play right Tormulainen!! ON THE TURN YOU MUST BET WAY TOO MUCH. Disagree

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lol wouuu taht suk very much ! some player will never fold a draw taht why chance is a part of poker in particulary against donk ! but on a long run you will always win the donk man Big Smile

Lol these kind of things always seem to happen to me too, it's personal hate i think.He wants to bust u so bad , he keeps on calling in the hope to outdraw.You probably won a hand from him before, that's why he want's you busted.

Evil Evil Evil think no matter what you did he was gunna call to the river.if you were him would you have called.mabie that was his favourite hand and it never fails him.can get him in long run. Evil Evil Evil

hmm, you wish to cashout that hand,and play it bad.
you dont realized that he waits for the flush?

He didnt play the hand wrong.

Heres smth about the math:

Best line of play would be to bet2/3 pot on flop, 2/3 pot on turn.

Second best line of play ( what he actually did ) is bet 2/3 pot on flop and overbet on turn.

Third best line of play is to overbet the flop ( and then maybe push AI on turn ) to give draws improper odds to call.

The difference in EV is only marginally higher if he bets flop and turn with 2/3 pot instead of overbetting the turn.

These results carry over to anything from top pair to a set to a straight.

You didnt make a mistake, you just got unlucky.

Thumbs Up

Against two opponents i had bet a bit higher on the flop. Pot is nearly 4 bucks at that point. So betting around 3 bucks looks good. But the rest of the hand shows, that the opponent would not have folded. Calling a pot sized bet on the turn, on an already paired board with the worst possible flushdraw Aww crap!

THAT is how you make money.

very unlucky mate! i f****** hate it when people reply to posts like this " nah u played it wrong, u shoud have known he had flush draw" idiots!
keep on at it mate n in the long run ull get the better of the fishes!

Yeah that one hurts Aww crap! I think you played it the right way, he was just a lucky f***** you´ll get him next time Blink

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