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Ok well i thought i would share yet another hand i lost lastnight, a hand i really could have got away from if i had been watching the player who was in the hand, but no as alot of us get side tracked while playing online poker. IE browsing the internet while we are not in hands, watching a movie or tv while we are not in hands. This cost me just over $400

Playing a 9 seater table $1/$2 blinds on pkr poker

I get dealt 8 Spade 8 Club

1 Raiser everone folds to me so i call she raised just over 3x BB standard raise i call to see a flop


A Spade 8 Heart 6 Diamond

i just switch back to the table after stuffing around on the net and look at the flop im like right thats a dream flop for me. She rasies pretty big just over the pot, i just call hoping to trap her


K Club

i think still a good card she raises big again i re raise she moves all in

she is holding A A


6 Spade

Now i look back tru the hand historys on this player big time and to my suprise she is a very tight player VP$P was like less that 20%

if i hand really know this while i was in the hand and was in my A game i would have laid it down.

Would you lay down 8s Full in a hand like that?

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you cant lay down set of 8's on that flop, with no possible draws apart from 79, and when you get allin on the turn there was no made hands, there were 2 hands ahead of you on the turn, AA and KK, and i take it that this player wouldnt raise big with KK on that flop, maybe they would, but unlikely, and that king is great for you, they could reasonably reraise you all in with top two on that board.

I think you may have been able to lay it down if she never bet that strong usually, and had been paying more attention than just how often she voluntarily put money in the pot. i mean 20 percent of hands is much more than just raising aces, aces are just under 0.5 percent to be dealt, thats a number much smaller than 20%. And many players are both tight and aggressive, even though they dont enter many hands they arent passive post flop, i think that it was sick that that was the hand they had, i know i couldnt fold my set of 8's

you should worry about if hes holding a bigger set in his hand because when you flop a set you lead 95% and 5% you are behind so dont ever fold you set!!! set is good

I wouldn't worry to much if I was you.....set over set is a cooler. I would have done the same and even if my gut feeling told me that oponent had a set too I dont think I would lay it down. Espicially not the way set A was played here. The way you play you seem like a winner so back on the horse and get that 1 BI back + more Dollar Cool

there are no chanses to win that hand or fold it
this is just unluck and that's it
don't think about this moments a lot

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