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Can we shoot the idiot posting those annoying threads

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If you could shoot one person on this forum today, would it be the bloody idiot who keeps posting "your opinion here" threads.

With a handy poll so we can quickly see which thread isn't another one of them.

I was thinking the same but you can't scorn him for posting hand histories when there is a forum for them. Ye he should have named them differently but what can you name them other than AK v JJ or whatever.

It just becomes anoying after you read through the 4th or 5th one since there really nothing but a post of the played hand. maybe I miss the point or maybe I'm just not good enough player to take that much interest in each play.
Then again, maybe he's looking for points since I see no replies back.

i have a feeling if he doesn't stop the posts in the same manner (just plain hand history with no further explanations and no responses to those who are nice enough to give him an answer) he will be banned- though probably he will get a warning before and then stop making those nonsense threads

That's just someone who needs atention and care, and not having that on the real life, he's looking for it on the net, near his online friends. Leave him alone. See if you can bring here some psicologist or something to deal with this subject, don't go on that for your own. We are here, we write because we like, we give our best shot at this box, and we know the objective is for others to read and write about it, but some of us like to let that the clearest possible, that's why some always write that down!

WOW. I really hadnt thought about this kind of post in the way you guys have discussed, especially Fakiry's post. In my opinion ........... we should perhaps provide some responses to the posts and see if that stops it or at least helps the poster to understand.

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