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Hi everyone,

I recently deposited on expekt poker 50€, i played some speed poker on lower stakes but it bored me, so i decided play the highest speed poker game at ipoker(0.50/1$).
Most people will say its crazy with sucha bankroll but i just bought in for min...
In a 1 hour i did build my stack from 30$ to 120$.
Where my tactics and bluffs didnt work at micro stakes they all work at the highest stake possible at speed poker.

So the question is: Should i continue on these stakes or am i just lucky?

well lucky for you it turned out well (profit of 90$)

In my experience in micro stakes you should not bluff very much as a lot of players make the call most of the time.
This is a big advantage when you have a big hand, not so good when you have nothing and are being called.
I higher stakes the poker knowledge of the average player should be better and that s why you can do some bluff's using the table cards (possible flush, str, ...)

But even then take in mind your bluff can be called at these stakes when your opponent has a monsterhand.
Especially when you win 90$ in 1 hour seems to me like a lucky hour.
SO when you have a bad hour this means same loss possible ..

From your read i realized one big problem that you made on micro stakes: You should never bluff there, just have a solid game!

On the lowest micro limits for example i think 60% of times or even higher all your cbets on a missed flop would bet called lol

Of course you're just lucky. Doesn't matter if your skill is good enough to CRUSH .5/$1 you could throw 100bb in pre flop with AA and someone calls you with 7,2os and flops quads deuces.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the king of not following bankroll management, but you'll definitely go bust if you keep playing on stakes where you have between 0.5 - 2 buyins.

have to agree with jess- surely you are just lucky- not lucky because i think you are a bad player, but lucky because you haven't run into a bad beat- you can be the best player in the world, even have see through the other players hole cards and still lose money in the short run (i.e. you have aa, and see that other guy having 29o is going all in, just bluffing- you call with joy- and bamm- he flops 222? possible-sure) so good luck with your game- update us how it went

Posted by Thawijn:
So the question is: Should i continue on these stakes or am i just lucky?

Congratulations,made nice profit in short time.To make a right decision you should make a loger time analissys(1000 hand or more),all the other are irelevant.Take care of bankroll,server loves you for a hour and hates you for 23 hours during a day,pay attention to detailes and good luck

Posted by Sorin888:
analissys(1000 hand or more),all the other are irelevant

Just a small point here, 1000 hands won't indicate anything.. I played a session of nl50 the other day, for about 2hrs and logged about 1200 hands.. So, 1000 hands is only a small sessions worth of hands.. HH samples don't start to get meaningful until well after 100K+

I'm reading this after i continued my session, and i started today again, im up to a 400€(excluded the 100€ i cashed out) bankroll now, still at 0.50/1..
Had some downswings but im still making good profits.
My shortstack tactic seems to work since the big stack call easily off Smile

You seem to be doing well there.
If you consider the amount invested and the time you played you made a very nice
profit so far.
Also it was a nice move that you cashed out double your deposit, so no matter
how the next sessions will go a least you will have gain some.
careful though not to let it take you away cause you can lose it far more easier than you got it.
gl and keep winning

You can play so good as you can, but you are not protected against suckouts and downswimgs. It is definitely not a good idea to play this stakes wothout the right bankroll. For a shot it is ok, but not longterm.

I think that for long term succesfull playing poker is necesary to have at least 25 Bi for the level you play for cash game. I don't know if you are lucky or not couse i dont know how you play, but advise you the "correct" bankroll managment.

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