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How much of my bankroll should be kept on hand vs in poker sites?

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Depends on what you mean. Your bankroll should be your bankroll and nothing to do with the your cash you use for other things in life. Whether you keep that in a bank account ( I would recommend a separate account for poker funds. Current accounts are free in most countries) or on the poker site is up to you. Personally I like to keep my bankroll on my poker site so I know exactly how much I can afford to loose in that session, then at end of session withdraw 1/2 of winnings or calculate what size stakes I need to move down to till I build my bankroll up again.

As I said earlier keep bankroll separate from other money. The moment you realise you have gone without something to reload your poker account is the moment you should realise you are an addict.

Honestly .. if you want to make money in poker you should keep the money in the sites. Unless you have a really nice cashout like win a big tournament 10k+ i would cash out like 2-3k and keep the rest to play.. but i guess it depends on people motivations. Rake is so big nowadays.. winning rate is low with all the variance and the natural swings. It's hard to move up the levels even if you win consistently, cashing out regulary wont help at all. I myself think of poker site money has poker money.. even tho i pay my bills it doesn't bother me. I really like to play and want to keep evolving and hopefuly go up and up so it's the best way to do it.

I used to keep a relatively large roll on the poker site.. But I've realised there is no reason to do this.. Poker sites aren't banks and if FTP and the DoJ illustrated anything, it's that they can go belly-up in an instant leaving you without access to your funds.

Although, the main reason I no longer keep money on site is basically because then I cannot access it all at 3am, drunk; well, not at least without depositing, but that requires a whole different mindset.

Personally - I just keep a few hundred on site now, generally just enough to cover all my buyins for a session or two.. The rest I withdraw..

If you have a VISA/Mastercard you can instantly put the money back on site, so there's really absolutely no reason to use the poker site as a bank.. that's what banks are for.

I think you've already received the best advice possible, but if your talking about how much of your BR you should consider playing at any one time I've always heard 20%, but I may be under another impression. I know if I deposit $50.00 I never play any games above $3.30 buyin until I've made some cash, but I play for fun so I never have played any games above an $11.00 buyin.

Good Luck managing the BR!

Depends on how you play. It is always good to have divided, but if you can have a good bankroll management no problem with you to have it all together .. always have to be careful not to go into crisis and lose everything haha.
Greetings and good luck!

I personally keep just 10 buy ins on the site that i play on considering that i only play on sites that accept skrill as method of cashout...

This way you can always have quick acces to your money and if you go busto you can always deposit more Blink

It's just that so many sites are shutting these days.
Read about Entraction network closing soon,not to mention the few sites such as high pulse,kingdom of poker,gutshot poker.
Now I'm worried about my little roll in Yachting poker,anyone thinks they might be next?

i believe it is the best to keep most of your roll in e wallet (moneybooker/skrill, neteller etc.) so than if any reload offer comes in you would be eligible for it- since when you have your full roll in poker room account, you have to deposit extra cash in order to get the reload bonus, if you withdraw and try to deposit back - you will not be it is wiser to keep most of your roll in e wallet and if you run badly just redeposit in min chunks whenever needed

For pros their rolls are kinda dead money, normally you get intrest pros dont get anything.
For example lets say 3%, a pro with $2M roll dont get anything as for normal you get like $60K a year.

Btw i dont come close in answering your question but hey Cool

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