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Now this is called bad beat xD  0   
PokerStars ruka br. 87462080995: Turnir br. 620809826, freeroll Hold'em No Limit - razina II (15/30) - 10.10.2012 17:09:34 ET
Stol '620809826 88' 9-max Sjedalo br. 7 je djelitelj
Sjedalo 1: nemo3425 (4840 u žetonima)
Sjedalo 2: Bal1960 (1680 u žetonima)
Sjedalo 3: vonwurmb (1465 u žetonima) je odsutan
Sjedalo 5: ives005 (1425 u žetonima) je odsutan
Sjedalo 6: xdomagojx (3920 u žetonima)
Sjedalo 7: Georgi412 (1425 u žetonima) je odsutan
Sjedalo 8: DimaX11 (1470 u žetonima) je odsutan
Sjedalo 9: toporscikas (5925 u žetonima)
DimaX11: objavljuje mali blind 15
toporscikas: objavljuje veliki blind 30
Podijeljeno xdomagojx [Th Qc]
nemo3425: povećava 80 do 110
Bal1960: odustaje
vonwurmb: odustaje
ives005: odustaje
xdomagojx: prati 110
Georgi412: odustaje
DimaX11: odustaje
toporscikas: prati 80
*** FLOP *** [Jd 8s 9h]
toporscikas: ulaže 5815 i ušao je all-in
nemo3425: prati 4730 i ušao je all-in
xdomagojx: prati 3810 i ušao je all-in
Ulog koji nitko nije pratio (1085) vraćen je igraču toporscikas
*** TURN *** [Jd 8s 9h] 10 of spades
*** RIVER *** [Jd 8s 9h Ts] Queen of hearts
*** SHOWDOWN ***
toporscikas: pokazuje [8c 7h] (skalu, osmica do dama)
nemo3425: pokazuje [Kh Ks] (skalu, devetka do kralj)
nemo3425 pokupio 1840 iz popratni pota
xdomagojx: pokazuje [Th Qc] (skalu, osmica do dama)
nemo3425 pokupio 11775 iz glavni pota
xdomagojx završio je turnir na 2713. mjestu
*** SAŽETAK ***
Ukupan pot 13615 glavni pot 11775. popratni pot 1840. | Rake 0
Zajedničke karte [Jd 8s 9h Ts Qh]
Sjedalo 1: nemo3425 pokazao [Kh Ks] i osvojio (13615) s skalu, devetka do kralj
Sjedalo 2: Bal1960 je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
Sjedalo 3: vonwurmb je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
Sjedalo 5: ives005 je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
Sjedalo 6: xdomagojx pokazao [Th Qc] i izgubio s skalu, osmica do dama
Sjedalo 7: Georgi412 (djelitelj) je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
Sjedalo 8: DimaX11 (mali blind) je odustao prije Flop
Sjedalo 9: toporscikas (veliki blind) pokazao [8c 7h] i izgubio s skalu, osmica do dama

the old runner runner, always nasty.. I lost the BRM HU challenge to a runner runner Evil

a bad beat indeed.....better luck next time.....runner runner are really cooler in a good run.....


even if it would have been a split pot it would have been with a bad taste , but now it s even worse.

Still sometimes s**t happens, just think better luck next time

From Hero to zero... very bad beat... It would be half-bad if this guy has AA or something, so you can split this pot on half... but now? Very s**t Sad

I am almost sure your opponent haven’t thought about the possibility of you having already a straight at the flop, and, blinded by the K’s in his hand, went insta all-in against you for not seeing any Ace at the flop. When the room show both cards, he must have got lack of hair, but then the table gave him just what he needed. Rooms don’t consider it, but I also call that a bad beat

Note: I supposed this was a poker hand, although it wasn't in english, right? Blink

Yep it's not nice but it is what it is, just got one of those yesterday and (maybe everyday), happens often when you put a large enough amount of hands. It's the game :\

Yes it is indeed and nothing that you could do about it to prevent it since
there was no way for the player with the KK to fold the hand.
I wonder how come the fish (nemo Smile) didnt go all in preflop.

YEp....bad luck all round here. THe KK probably thought hed try and scare you or he hadnt really loooekd at the option that you may already have a straight...thats what KK does I guess. But I guess he's laughing at his mistake all the way to the big stack!

I had a good one the other day...

47o in the big lblind, folds around to middle position, call, heads up,

flop comes 47A, check, other guy bets pot, was pretty late in the tourney, but before ITM,

I go allin, hopin to just pick up the pot, blinds were pretty big, had about the same stacks,

guy calls, flips A3o, turn comes 5, river shows another 5,

really??, wtf? Aww crap! Aww crap!

oh well, thats poker!!!

Posted by Fakiry:
Note: I supposed this was a poker hand, although it wasn't in english, right? Blink

He's from Croatia, so this is Croatian language Smile

Oh,its a big s**t indeed.My pair of aces were eaten by kingqueen.On the flop,where of course was a king,i make raise and my opponent reraise after me.of course i go all-in.Нe call,and the king fall down on the river. Evil I lose by set.Good game of my opponent,what can i say... Aww crap!

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