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This sunday i went to play on Yachting, there were a few tourneys with few opponents and the relation price/prizes/difficulty was very good so i decided to give it a try. One of the tourneys i entered was 15€ GTD, and it started with 7 players, although it had late reg for a lot of time, but i guess it only entered another 7 or something like that. Anyway i was playing, there was a hand in which i though i had nuts (a straight, if i remember), and i went all-in against one other player who showed AA and won me. Things passed real quick, i tried to go to the chat to see why he had won (perhaps he made a flush and i didn't saw) but i couldn't find that info. So i clicked a button that gives the last 30 hands played, from all the games (i had some other tables opened, with SnG's), but i couldn't find my last hand of that tourney. I tried to contact support by chat but it wasn't possible. So i keep on not knowing why i lost, it's boring me...
It's not about loosing, it was a €1,10 buy-in, it's just for the fact of not knowing why i lost. I almost feel like that guy from a recent video in the news that thought he hd won and went to celebrate with his friends and then someone at the table told him he lost. But that guy saw why he lost, and i can't see. Shock
Any solution for my problem, now that it has passed a day?

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I know at Carbon I can go back for several sdays to verify a hand if I know the game sequence number, etc. I guess if you couldn't locate the hand immediately after playing it wouldn't be available at a later date.

Can you contact their support to see if the hand can be tracked? I wouldn't know any other way and then you would still need to know some of the game information to find it. Unless you only played acouple games then it should be easy. Good Luck!

The best thing you can do here to find your history is to contact support,
in case they have it stored.
Normally they should.
While the hand history is one of the most important aspects for online poker, in some
sites is unbelievable hard to gain access to it.

If you can't see that specific hand in the hand history that you can acces then you need to send an email to their support.

On any poker site out there you can ask on support to give your hand history, full or just the number of hands/period that you want to review Blink

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