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micro limit tournaments, are they worth your time to make money

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definately some bad posts in here, but as a return post from Jibberish, i suggest stickin with the micros until you can consistently beat it and develop a large enough bankroll for the next level of limits, micros to be honest.. arent good for making money but will help you focus on the fundamentals of poker and gain you valuable situational knowledge to a certain degree. definately more like a training level then an earning level but its well worth the time spent in it. i am 50x the player i wouldve been if i never had to grind the micros. although i still got a little problem that needs fixing... patience! lol

Posted by jessthehuman:
You've completely misinterpreted so many things. Micro stakes are better than playing freerolls or playchips because they'll train you better for betting higher stakes. It's still easier to beat freeroll and playchip games though - you can get an insanely high "ROI" playing play chip games, for example.

Call me an idiot but you think the higher the limits you play the better your ROI will be. And that for some reason because people play less like donks at higher limits, they're what, easier to beat? wtf. Donks/fish are the easiest to beat, not the people that play well. Seriously, why don't you jump in some $3/$6 NL games or some $5/$10 ones and just see. And for it's worth I've clocked up 10s of thousands of hands at those stakes and let me tell you - if you think just because they're not donks they play their good cards only like good aces and pocket pairs and "respect your raises" (haha the higher you go the MORE likely you are to be 3bet or 4bet lite). not s**t man you would get totally mind raped.

Your original post that I ridiculed was bad enough; although I was feeling a bit bad for being so harsh, probably could have been more polite. But your follow up post is even worse, you're just so wrong on so many fundamentals it's a joke. Seriously. Wow.

If you really wanna prove your point (I know I'm right and don't really f**king care what you or anyone else thinks). But if you wanna embarrass yourself a bit; I f**king dare you to C&P this into the 2+2 poker theory forum. Seriously I dare you.

Posted by fcumred:
strange how most votes suggest the higher the stakes the better, theres only ONE person who seems to think that the lower limits are hte best way to make money.. Guess who that idiot is..

Posted by jessthehuman:
I wouldn't say they're a good way to make money, if you're talking truly 'micro' stakes then definitely you're not going to earn a decent wage.

Are you on some form of medication, narcotics or generally just stupid ?

What's that again? What did I say?

Man - you say I said micro stakes are a good way to earn money and then YOU quote me saying the exact opposite as your evidence. Jesus f**k, dropped on your head or what?

LOL @ this

Lmao @ you fcumred. Ofc micros are easier to beat using skill. You ll get busted once aa vs 83 other time you ll have 5 times more chips than 2nd in tournament and go for an easy win.
Do you think you should raise cause you seek respecT? You raise cause your hand has more chances to win so you are increasing value of the pot than the one caller is most likely holding - that's the most basic poker theory. The more they call more you get its fkn simple, i can't stress how that first response was just awful so just stop poker it's for your own good until you learn a thing or two.
What are you doing on this forum just posting for points or wtf? You didn't learn anything from it?

this is your quote:
"Micro stakes players do not look at table image, pot odds, histories etc they are usually extremely poor players who do not understand poker or the maths behind it." - WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE FROM A PLAYER YOU WANT TO BEAT, find a power switch for your brain.
If you still think the same after this post i'll seriously consider going pro in poker seeing what kind of people are on tables.

@uhhcallmi - Bottom line - higher stakes offer you more value for money. But they are tougher and harder to win. Requires more skill. So... if you can't beat micros over some period of time don't consider moving up a limit you might win at first but it will end ugly for you. Cheers.

Micros are a good place to build a bankroll, as there is a far greater amount of inexperienced players who will make bad mistakes. If you play a good steady game, nothing fancy, I think you will succeed. I normally play cash, but I suppose the same idea goes for SNG and MTT. After you beat those stakes use your bankroll to climb up until you find a level you can consistently beat and offers you the best ROI.

I think SNG's are the best way the best way to earn cash in PS the lesser the amount of buyin the greaterthe amount of donkey players, I play the mirco's it's filled with Players who go all in with 4 and 7 , 2 and 8 and worst part is they beat Big slick and even Bullets Smile

Micro s are great to build up a bankroll.

cash games, SNG, .. any game is OK, it s just the one you prefer and use the right strategy to make it profitable.

tip : don t play to aggressive at micro's + patience

for the begginers it was the only good chanse to win some money and grow they money .
so i also start from them and now i learn how to play poker and have chanses to play on higher limits
good luck all and have fun

Russia's micro dominance
After 80 events, Russia is top of money pile - ahead of Germany ($555,876) and United Kingdom ($363,632) - with $848,606.

The Russian’s also have a table-topping 12 title holders, double that of UK and Germany who have six winners apiece.

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