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My story begins in August, almost September 2009, before this date every time I put ESPN and poker were having sincerely looked slowed a bit and trying to understand something of the game in general at that time were spending a lot of WSOP and I loved the setting the scene and everything around him and more final table ...
Then one day from my BB (BlackBerry) then had a game of poker and start playing at table 9 against the machine .. I looked at my cards and paid as anything ... fish all the time I was really soft in a showdown to see the hand then I identified with that hand had lost and if he wins that had gained little by little .. I saw and I was enjoying it ... I told my friend that I look for online poker rules and I sent them the email from my work .. I printed them and brought them home ... then here put into practice with and we learned but not spent 3 days and that weekend I gathered my brother his wife, man , nephews and friends and explain to them that the game was played ... that day we played miesntras coin and learned all this Saturday ... after 2009 through early 2011 we hardly play poker without any Saturday or weekend I printed over strategies and ways to play for them ... but all I am the only one still playing daily and were encouraged elsewhere .... we have the poker table and chips with several letters masos ...
near the end of 2009 coming in 2010 and was in pokerstarss tickest and checked with no bonus without any bonus since that December saw the final table of the WSOP where he defeated Moore Each HU ... and good at ESPN pokerstars advertising was all the time ... I went straight there without intermediaries one garron ... from January 2010 to this day still there ... and probe many rooms but its visual and gameplay dynamics and diversity of tournaments will not let me change ...

I welcome your comments ....

I've played poker for about 3-4 years. I remember my first PokerStars Astronomer's freeroll and my first ticket to Weekly Round 2 Smile First cash, first cash games... then I discover SnG. First DoN, now is Fifty50.
Recently (thanks to pochui alias manpochui) I discover and fell in love with PL Omaha Hi/Lo - it's so funny and nice Smile Unfortunately, I lose my bankroll on PS completely, so I'm waiting to deposit some and play again & again till I fell asleep Tongue

I started playing poker on July 2009 , 4 months only "virtual money" and freeroll. I got some tickets to $2000 tourney, but never won more than $2 from. Smile. And i only won the tickets from "2-7 draw" , 6000 max players, 56 players get tickets. I even won 1st place after 8 hours+ of playing in that tourney. i was so happy but very sleepy. Smile)
Now in last year i didn't won any tickets in that tourney.
Btw on pokerstars.

I started playing poker with my brother when we were just kids, playing for fun, bragging rights and temporary ownership of an old trophy my grandfather had won! We stopped when we were in our early teens and I didn't start again until about five years ago. Since then it has been mostly online, with a little bit of live tourneys thrown in.

i started playing poker on facebook (zynga) in sept 08. got a few million on there and got bored of silly play chips. decided to download ftp and the first ever tourny i played in was a uk freeroll and i cashed for $2 Big Smile been hooked on winning free money ever since.
ive never deposited any of my own money and ive managed to buy me and my wife a few nice things here and there over the years.
last thing was a car in august from my biggest ever tourny win Big Smile and this is why i love poker.
winning free money is always good fun.
gl on and off the tables everyone Thumbs Up

I play only poker for about 3 years or so and the first poker platform on which i played was Titan Poker!

In fact i got an no deposit bonus at first and i managed to won pretty good on micro, then i switched to ftp and rush.

For me - I've known the rules (hand rankings) of poker ever since I can remember, as a very young child. My dad and his side of the family are all a bit into gambling, so I was taught the basic rules veyr young, including a few different variants - the one I remembered/played most of my early years though was just 5-card draw.

However - in regards to seriously playing, around 2006 I started playing live pub poker (league games, small prizes, buy drinks to chip up, etc). Then started playing for play chips on FTP around 2007 and then around 2008 I started playing some freerolls, NDB's, etc. Then signed up to BRM early '09 and took a free bankroll at PKR (among others) and ultimately I would say from around mid-09 I started playing seriously, 09 would definitely mark my first 4 figure bankroll.

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