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Since Full Tilt relaunched last weeek the high stakes seemed to be getting less on Stars and more and more on FT.
As i watched the high stakes tables I was wondering If we could get a list together of the Online ID's
of famous poker pro's,especially on FT

For example I'm wondering who "KPR16" is?
location is mexico and he's playing the highest stakes for FL Hold'em on FT.

I will get it started with "psychobenny" alias Benny Spindler, reigning EPT london Champ

Better known by his PokerStars name "toweliestar" Spindler is a young German pro with a great track record both online and live. In 2011 Splindler won over a million dollars at PokerStars, although this year he has been on an epic downswing losing a million dollars over the past 11 months. His track record at the high stakes games on Full Tilt has also not been great as he was on something of a downswing when the site went under. However, his live wins have more than made up for this as he officially has over $3.5 million in tournament winnings, including an EPT victory and an EPT 3rd place finish - both for over $1m (his live winnings are in fact closer to $4.5m as he did a deal as big chip leader to take $2m in one of the EPT's where he finished third for an official win of $1.1m).

Benny has been seen back at the PLO tables at Full Tilt this week but unfortunately his luck is yet to change as he ended up a smallish loser during his sessions.

Edited by SirPoncho (12 November 2012 @ 13:44 GMT)

Some of the big names from full tilt poker already had an account so don't expect other screen names now...

I'm sure that sooner or later we'll have again some high stakes action on ftp Smile

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