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last week I claimed my free 10€ bankroll on yachting poker.
I tried to play some cash the same evening but there isnt much traffic up till now.
Anyways I played some 5/10c NLH (2 tables,for about 2 hours),went up to ~22€ and down to 5€.
yesterday i played again and saw that i gained about 3€ rakeback,so ii went with my 8€ and ran it up to 80€ just with 2 tabling 5/10c 6 handed.
pretty easy game because there is just a bunch of fish on this site Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

anybody els with soem experience with yachting poker?

Yeah i had the same run when i got my NDB on yachting back when it was 5 euro.

I made about 100 euro in 2 days playing the few people on the site.
I deposited when i made the playthrough and cashed out.

I deposited 25 twice after that but then it seemed my luck had changed.

And the traffic was way too low for me because i just want to multi table always.
I like at least 4 tables open or i get bored.And also sng's and constant tournaments must be on the site.
Thats why i always seem to go back to the big sites after playing on the little ones.

So Yachting poker is OK but not for the serious grinder.

I do have an account there but on the limits and the game that i play there is practically no poker traffic...

But i have to admit that it's a pretty good place for people that want to build up a bankroll, the lack of traffic is the biggest problem.

yeah thats really the problem
if u make a good profit at a table and you dont wanna play 250BB+ deep you gotta open a new table and hope that someone joins you or wait for 1 hour to get back to your old table with a new stack.
if the table still exists......

Cool grind here mate. So i havent there accont yet so,if u you say, there is small traffic on tables, im not sure, if i will try my luck here, but on opposite site, when you say, there are fishes, i will try it in near future then, just for fun.

i stopped playing on there ages ago because there was hardly anyone there to play,they all seemed to want to play the freerolls though as they were quite full most of the time,i've still got $12 i might go back and donk them away. Smile

Well the problem is the lack of traffic there when I played there a few months ago

SNG --> no players at all (not even a 4 players table got started)

cash games --> one or 2 tables

But looking at your posts it seems to be profitable.

Maybe i ll go back and have a look there...

Yeah it´s all fishes there. They just got lucky against me. Couple of rather terrible suck outs cost me my bankroll. Sleepy

Far to less traffic to play there. It is a shame, because the software runs smothly. It will be interesting to see how long they can continue with such a small player base.

I had not an exact experience, but similar. I always went for lower cash games so I wouldn’t take the risk of losing it all at once, and things went really well. Then I also played some tourneys and one of them gave me a good prize. After the first withdrawal, things have revealed more difficult, but the truth is I am also playing less then I used to, so I can’t compare. I don’t like people around here to see me as a defender from this site, but the truth is I always talk nice about it because I think it’s the easier one to try to win fast.

i also think that with a bit more traffic this site could become one of my favourites.
up till now the traffic and the resulting lack of players for cash or tourneys is really a joke.
3 or 4 tourneys i tried to play were cancelled because the minimum of players (3 and 4 players) wasnt reached Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
hope this gonna change soon

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