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Hi, i have a question i have noticed they offer "1250Euro" and 1 hour "free play" so i have taken the offer and played, then there is stated that maximal bonus win during the free play is 100 euro, and i have won like 250 euro in 10 minutes of playing, so i quited earlier because i won enough. But now they want me to deposit to be able to claim the 100 euro i won.. i dont know for me it smells like a scam, not to mention im not much of a casino games player, i prefer only poker.. Anyway does anybody have more info about this casino room? i will very likely not deposit there unless i find out that its trustworthy room.

most of these bonus offers have a play through condition attached with their free money offers. It is normally an astronomical amount that is virtually unattainable withing the 1 hour allotment. Normally before accepting these free offers i try to be as informed about the promotion as possible, often i will talk with live customer support.

at which point i will discuss the play through requirements. often times these support workers are surprised after i've talked out all the details of the promotion of actually how impossible they are to attain.

The reason these casino sites offer these promotions is to get you to deposit money onto the site. But before you do make sure you research the sites policy on depositing money and then instantly withdrawing, or if there is a play through required as well.

i know some sites instantly flag and suspend accounts that deposit and withdraw in short periods of time because they feel it is suspicious. as for the casino sites policies I cant help you much there. you simply have to research the site before making a deposit, or don't if you find the site the slightest bit shady. Personally I dont trust any online casino with my money but thats just because i know the odds are against me in casino gaming. just stick to poker Blink

all,I can say is be very careful,read there T&C's before you ever take any offers of No deposit bonus or,one like you have taken,you may find there not worth risking,cause some have hidden,or additional T&C's,they they may not post on there main page of there T&C.
Then when you think you have completed,the requirements they hit you with the other T&C which wasn't included,on there main page,I read this happened to some one who played with the casino money (NDB) any if you re not sure you can always google and see there,but after finding out what i did about those kind of offers I stopped taking them,now I dont take bonus money,unless its from a site I trust and know,Just Please read there T&C's 1st,or you re wasting you re time,what they don't tell you now is that you may have already broken some stupid rule,and won't tell you until its time to cash out,Oh one other thing they do is watch out for the professional bonus whore,this is a person who wins playing with house money and plays there T&C's right to the letter,taking bonus after bonus,or you can do something they call irregular play which can mean any be very careful, play on sites with good reputations,and fast cash outs.
Intertops and jackpot city are good,Oh one other thing VERIFY ur IDS 1st and address,cause they may find some thing wrong with ur ids too,this way if you do this 1st,they won't be able to say they can't verify you if they did it already.

hah, thanks for the replies guys, i guess i just wont play in these casinos at all. and stick to poker rooms i trust Smile case closed.

There is no chance that the bonus money you got through the free 1 hour, not to have playthrough Smile
So, along with the deposit they are asking you to make, you will have to go through a playthrough
to be able to cash out.
And be careful cause some casinos, even if you forfeit the bonus you cant cash out the deposit
without playthrough.
Read carefully the Terms and Conditions from top to bottom Smile

Kinda of like some of the poker sites that state they'll pay 50% or something like that to whatever you deposit, but when you deposit you don't get it all at once nor after you deposit. It comes in increments for example if I deposit $50 they give me $25, but in small amounts $5 at a time after you reach so many points or whatever their small print deals are. Read on and you'll see what you really got in to.

Now a days I only take free bonus money from intertops,at least I know I'll get what I win,when I win,and they send me a bonus at least 3 times a month,some times $20-$25,so they keep me happy... Big Smile

Looks like a typical Microgaming offer to me.
The free play is only there to determine the size of the bonus. But this bonus can only be claimed with a deposit and a 30 times playthrough on slots or higher on other games. To read the TC at a casino offer ist a must.

Its the old rule guys. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is not true. There is always some restriction, usually deposit beofre withdrawal, but usually there is a way around it by depositing and then withdrawing the lot!

I played there. You get bonus of 100 euro with Deposit but... Need to play at 1000 euro for cash withdrawals Blink
Sorry for my English, I write through the online translator

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These 1 hour free play with $ 500 or $ 1500 are worth nothing more then a normal deposit bonus.
Even if you win the max bonus out of the free play which is usually only $100 then you still have to deposit to release the bonus....Then its still only a bonus amount which has a playtrough.
This playthrough ranges anywhere from 20 to 99 x the bonus amount.
So if you unlucky you win the 100 but still have to play 1000's of $ to ever be able to cashout..

Those bonusses used to be quite good, when you did know how to deal with them. But the casinos have plugged these leaks a few years ago. Today they are of limited value.

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