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This column is poker like a business. As you know, many are attracted to poker because they believe it is easier to make money playing. There is nothing further from the truth than that. Playing poker professionally is a very demanding job. And you know what? Not many people manage to do it in the long run. The ones that do it because they treat it as a business. Do not get me wrong. There are many good things about being a pro poker. Driving times as you want, you're your own boss and you sleep when you want. You have the opportunity to get involved in an interesting profession in which you are constantly learning. You can travel to interesting place, meet people and enjoy the camaraderie of the players around the world, no matter where you are. You can also enjoy a kind of achievement to develop your game to the point of feeling confident we can make good money playing poker every year. I could go on, but that is not the purpose of this column.

All I want to impress on the importance of treating your career like a business.
By this I mean that you must have discipline and handle yourself professionally. Compare yourself with other professionals and see what they do. Of course, stay away from drugs and other bad habits is obvious. Some professionals do is to work long hours. They work continuously and make many sacrifices at the beginning of their careers. Eventually, after several years of hard work, they see the fruits of dedication in the form of higher incomes, better schedule, more holidays and many benefits of lifestyle they lead.

Another thing that makes most professionals is to live balanced lives. They usually have families or, at least, couples and a wide circle of friends. They engage in activities that allow them to keep their minds off the job. They enjoy hanging out with their wives or husbands, traveling on weekends, family outings, going to a club, watch a movie, go to the theater and concerts. They have hobbies and generally try to mix his time with various activities they enjoy.

As a poker player, you should do the same. Take a step back and look at your life.
Imagine how you will be in two, five or even ten years. How do you look? What you do now will take you there? Do you have a plan?

When he first started, I went through many difficult situations. I did my best to stay focused. I'm not saying I made mistakes because I made a lot, but I never gave up and always kept my head high looking ahead. Eventually, all that persistence paid off.
The first part of your career will almost certainly be full of hard work and learning.
You can compare it with the passing years the college or professional internships.

After all, there is a University of Poker. You have to learn by playing. For this reason, the first 10 years of your career are the most difficult. During this period you will experience and develop your game. You'll learn how to deal with the fluctuations and how to manage your money. You'll learn your way around you and especially your emotions. You'll learn the sad truth that you are staying only a percentage of your earnings. Most leaves on bills, taxes and expenses related to managing the business of poker. If you're lucky and're smart, you save and invest a portion of your earnings, including but not limited to, your retirement. I could go on talking about the pitfalls you should avoid and the qualities that make a poker pro, but say you should get advice from those who live good lives and have traditional careers.

Look what they do and learn from them.

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