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Hi, is anyone going to play today's 888poker freeroll #1 for $525 WSOP APAC ticket?
I got the BRM mail telling me i should already the ticket but it's not there, and i can't find the tourney in the list to at least try to do the registration. I can't understand if we still have to do it by ourselves, like BRM told us, or if it's 888 who's taking care of that. Just hope i don't miss it, if i chose to use it i really wanted to have that experience.

I'm answering myself, oh my god. Well, just find it! It was in the restricted section and hopefully i still had 16 minutes to make my registration. Now it's just wait for the action to begin! GL for everyone entering this one, i'll tell you later about my results!

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Gl Fakiry hope u nail it Thumbs Up

Started 13 minutes ago, we are now 39 out of 51 starting players, too soon to talk about positions but i'm 11th and there's 11 paid places. The first one's the best, like always - $525 ticket - and the others are vouchers. Let's see.

We just reached paid places. After all, there's only one paid place, 1st, with the ticket, the other 10 will get vouchers for magic wallets and caps. I'm now 2nd out of 8. Running fast...

three croatians in the final table writing whatever i don't understand, i'm trying not to get nervous with this... Posting here seems to be a good option!

Break: 5 players left, i'm third. I'm guaranteed an 888poker magic wallet voucher, whatever that is (just hope is good). It's being a very fast race for a ticket worth $525.

Finished 4th. I had 10k chips, blinds were 600/1200, 1st place with 40k was always pushing, i got A10o, first to talk, decided to go all-in, he called with K10s: flop KK5! I was like "bye bye $525 ticket!". I think OmahaWizard is going to win, he's running very strong and able to control the other two (one is chip dead and the other has half the chips of the chipleader). Final HU at 888 are awesome, there's a bag full of cash dropping to the table just like some scenes we see at real casinos! Wow BeastOfCro went all-in, won the hand and the game is now upside down, with OmahaWizard behind with a 2to1 disadvantage! Another race, OmahaWizard loses all with A4 vs A6 of BeastOfCro, who just won a $525 ticket to try to go for the WSOP APAC! Congrats!!!

Edited by Fakiry (28 December 2012 @ 20:13 GMT)

I was watcing final table,man that was really fast,tourney finished in 70 minutes.
I will try my luck tomorow on #2 freeroll

This finished really, really fast indeed, now lets hope that the prize you won is good, i also have no idea about it lol

Fakiry if you already have account on 888 poker there are some hungover promotions, did you check them out?

Good day everyone Smile
@Fakiry - Congratulations on your great run 4th position is really good !!!
Hope this sort of run continues in coming new year Smile

The tournament was really fast !!! And your last hand you went a bit unlucky .....
good luck for your future tournaments Smile

A very happy new year to everyone Smile
Good luck to all ,on and off the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

but i have a ticket for today and no APAC torunament Aww crap!

9. places ?????
im 9??

what my win ???

i finish on 36 with a bad call aces two agains pair of eights...but i have another chance tonight.i am
not familiar with 5 min blinds and with 888 room,anyway gl all tonight!!!

Well done for you result.
First of all maybe you should have taken screenshots of the Croatians talking.
You never know what they were talking about Smile
And second, it will be nice to update us on what the prize you won is.

I too took place in both of these.Congrats too all the winners.Unfortunently for me 888 does not ship to canada,so i don't get my cap.
Happy New Year all!!!

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