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heres a list of a couple freeroll you can enter in today without passwords or tickets

Pokerschool open skill league @ 1:00 PM (ET)
Pokerschool open skill league @ 5:00 PM (ET)
Hubbles @ 8:00 PM (ET)

Freeroll @ 10:40 AM (ET)
Freeroll @ 11:40 AM (ET)
Freeroll @ 2:40 PM (ET)
Freeroll @ 3:40 PM (ET)
Freeroll @ 4:40 PM (ET)

$6 Ticket Freeroll (speed) @ 1:05 PM (ET)
$5 RE-Buy Freeroll @ 3:05 PM (ET)
$6 Ticket Freeroll @ 5:05 PM (ET)

nice list but I think we all know that there are freerolls enough on all the different pokersites

I think most of them have a huge playerfield vs a relative small prices (takes hours to get a few cents)

Maybe try these ones :

Yachting poker : only a freeroll of 5 euro but less than 150 players with several sitting out

Terminal poker : collect 10 raked hands and you enter a 75 euro freeroll evey day (400 euro on sundays , 100 raked hands needed in the week before), the playfield is not that huge (200 on weekdays, about 400 in the weekends)

I think that kind of frrerolls are more inetresting than a 50 $ freeroll with more than 4000 entrants

true enough

Thanks for the heads up, here is a up from me, i know many mobsters play freerolls regulary Smile

How many participants usually take part on the pokerstars open skill league freerolls? I heard about them, thats why i ask.

Is not worth to play skill league,90th placed get 0.01$ and have to stay some hours to get paid.Better try to play qualifiers for weekly 2000 $ freerolls or BRM freeroll.From time to time appear 1500$ freerolls,with password
Good luck

pokerschool open skill league has almoust always 10k entrants and only 10 usd prizepol .... soo its only worth to enter there and play luckbox or showe with any random cards

please sent pass and ticket Smile Smile Smile

Once there was a weekend in which i had lots of free time and i took a look at the PS School and i thought that was nice stuff to play some games and try to win some bucks with less competitors. And i did played some private games on that comunity, and i won some tickets to play with real money i would have to invest to play some more. I only tryed it that time, after that it was impossible to go there again, i think it takes some time to follow something like that, but it's nice.

Poker School Online(PSO) is a month long series of tourneys(6 a day iirc) and has a leaderboard.Monthly prizes of up to $1500 (if you collected 20vpps $150 <20) for 1st place.

They also have a Premier league that you can qualify for if you are in the top 500 iirc in the Open league.Although you need 150 vpp to collect the top prize in the Premier League,which is $5000.

In order to move into the premier League you need to be a member of PSO.

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it s always the same question ....

how many time do you want to spent there (especially with leaderboards you need to play a lot of them) and what are the possible prices.

But GL for all

Freerolls were nice some years ago. For example when i registered to Stars they invited me to 10 different $500 freerolls, with 100-250 players field. That was great, i easily gathered 200 bucks in 10 tourneys. Or Party on the other hand, once i accessed my account after several months of inactivity and i found a 250$ string attached bonus. I thought it is not too much to earn 1 ppoints for 1 dollars to release and i pushed the claim button. Miracle: the 250$ appeared on my balance, available! I just had to earn 250 points to release the sum, those were the good days my friends...Not these non-sense 10 dollar tourneys!

yachting poker has a new freeroll daily.... 2 tickets for best 2 players worth 33euro so if you win you
get 16.5 euro ticket...unsubscribe and get tokens for it..or play the next tournament

not easy but if you win ,you get something...instead of 0,11 cts or something....

around 200 players daily in that one.

Will have a look at the yachting freerolls you mentioned uhhcallmi...

Sounds interesting as the price is high enough and the playerfield at yachting is always relative low.

16.5 euro for 1 rst or 2 nd place is nice price

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