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hi im new to this or any site like this. i joined this one because it looked and felt right not like others that have poped up. now talking about popped up i sigened up here and gave my number and that (which i never do) and was pending to be accepted (good sign its not a fake site) and then got the emails and so one to be accepted. but i never really paid attenchen to your name (sorry brm). so to my point. i had an email saying your acc is rar rar and you can now sign up to titan. ( oh your titan bounes was the finnal reason i signed up with u.) they went on to say just download reg with them with the code ypcwelcome i think. and thats it. so i did and then they said please send details to prove who you are. mmm hang on i have already. then it hits who are they and how they got my email. ahhhh i feel into a sign up trap. i have not sent them prof and will not they are now in junk mail section. but now how can i get the titan deal please without signing to this other site as i opened my titin acc with code ypcwelcome. i have not gone any further and not sent them any prove as i dont want too or trust them. can you help please brm. sorry about the long winded message. just im a fool thinking it was an email from you my fault Sad

I think there is no problem to prove your id.When I was getting my no-deposit bonus from partypoker,they warn me that they could ask for more information.Anyway they didn't ask and I got my bonus.I don't know is there is another way to make it.

If you used the wrong code, maybe you can contact Bankrollmob support (from the Live support above)
or the poker site itself. I think there is no reason to send your personal details to a poker site just for a deposit or to receive a bonus. It's only necessary if you want to withdraw your money.
Hope you'll get your no-deposit bonus

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You should contact the site support or the bankrollmob support to get the problem fixed if possible.

Also if you are requested by an poker site to send ID then it means they want to verify your ID, it's pretty standard on the first cashout.

BankrollMob Forum » Titan Poker » signed up with wrong code

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