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some Hands you just want to share ...

if you cant see this ill decribe the action ..

first to act raises to 6c ... i call with 5,5 next calls and dealer calls ... sb and BB fold

flop comes 5,9,9 first to act checks ... I check as i want to check raise for two reasons if a bet comes ..
firstly i have a full house and also to gauge if player has a 9 or another pocket pair
Dealer bets out 12 ... first to act folds i re to 24c next player folds and dealear who bet out calls

turn comes 5 ... now i have quads .. happy days ..

easy chek again to see if hes willing to pay out more and he bets 16c i re to 32 and he flat calls again

river is a 7 and now i put in a value bet of 54c which he calls ... i turn over quad 5s and wondering what he has and he then shows A,Q of hearts

I personally would have instant folded if i had being him and bet out and got reraised ... glad everyone is not like me though

Hmm link dosent bring you to the boom hand player for some reason .. if any one knows a solution to this let us know

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I think you can not post up that link no matter what because it contains banners that promote the same poker sites as bankrollmob...

As for your hand you are right, a good player would have folded but your villain played the hand poorly.

Yeah! I see this all the time. I don't know what some players think. I mean I hate to fold AK or pocket Q's, but when there's nothing on the table for you what can you do especially when someone is betting / raising, etc. I know it's tough to fold the K,K or Q,Q, but when there's an A on the flop and someone is definitely representing instead of going allin to scare the opponenet sometimes you just need to fold and live with it as the best deicision..

i agree with greenmohave i hate to fold big hands but you have got to no when you are beaten i folded qq lastnight after a A come on the flop

This reminds me myself just starting with poker. "I cant fold, i have 2 pairs and A kicker, maybe hes just blufing me". And did opponent have flushdraw maybe, i didnt open the link.
Pretty easy fold nowdays.

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