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Running bad :-(  0   
I have been running bad lately, here are some examples:


I got AJo and it's folded to me on button std. raise 4BB, SB folds BB calls, Flop : KTQ
He checks I con-bet he goes AI....I call. He has TT and river brings K so he has FullHouse.

AA vs KK we get it AI pre he turns a K and it's all over.

5 mins after I get KK(other table) I std raise 4BB, button 3 bet me I 4 bet him he goes AI, now im thinking that looks like AA when he goes AI to a 4 bet but I feel pot commited + he could have alot of hands which I dominate I see alot of sick moves. So I call and I get K on turn and im thinking YES now I beat AA if he should have it......river A and he has set A Smile lol

QQ vs semi shortstack(40-50BB) I raise 4BB from UTG he 3 bet from CO I go AI he insta calls and shows 6-4o and flops 2 pair WTF???? Hit and runs to make things even worse Thumbs Down

The last couple of days everything has been impossible and im fighting to breakeven or to make mini profit Confused I know it will turn around eventually but damn im tired of it, don't think I will ever get use to downswings they annoy me the same everytime I get them. Perhaps I control my self better but I will never get use to's so sick sometimes Shock

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joint the club,bummer,but ,gl in future

These are all really standard. UL. You got coolered lots.

Had you stats on these guys? You really should consider it cos itll help your play lots.

And never consider folding KK for <200BB!

i dont think stats would have affected this since in every situation he had the better hand, the stats would have most likely reinforced this.

i feel for you m3, it sucks when you make all the right moves but still lose. I dont mind losing when i make silly mistakes, even if its a very large pot it doesnt tend to wind me up,

i am too running bad i had AK in fixed limit And i raised to 2$ ad i got 3 callers and flop was T J Qr and i bet 2player raises and i put my money in turn J and the 2player has JT

Thats very unlucky tormulainen.. I find it very strange.. EVERY flopped straight got owned by a house on the river if the player have 2 pair on the flopp or set.. EVERY time. Why is that? Hmm... I cant trust the sites anymore since I always see sick things. To bad Sad

We all know that it happens specially when we play a lot but trust me things can change very very soon so watch out Smile Good luck!!!

Yeah I got alot of coolers it's just non stop coolers. Every time I play my opponent correctly example top pair vs overaggres top pair where I got best kicker they get their kicker on river Sad In the midlle of my bad runs I had 1 day where I made 10BI's but lost 6-7 of them day after TBH some tilting involved too though im not much for admitting it Smile

The KK vs AA was against a guy that I played alot so we had some history together which was also the reason for me to think damn he got AA cause he is very tight pre so when he shoves to a 4 bet I know he's got AA/KK/(QQ) but at the same time I know he see's me as a pretty aggres guy(he has called me a table bully Cool ) Im never folding KK pre but when it's a guy I know play very tight pre and in the midlle of very bad runs it got me thinking/considering a fold but i was too involved to let go. We were semi deep I had 180BB and he had 220BB as I remember it.

SCDossett thanks for your compasion that's kind of you I hope you run better than me Blink I can take some badruns but non stop badruns sucks the life out of me.

Tommygunne im switching to pokertracker now after a while with pokeroffice but im still not so good at using the info it gives me so I really have to work on that. If you got suggestions on how I could get better at this please throw them at me Smile

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