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Although both syndicates are full I will put some information here regarding when the 2 syndicate horses are running and were and how the 2 horses get on in running.

The syndicates only last 12 months so any one interested in any re-syndicate after these finish.
I can give the email address should any one ask me here.

I have 10% shares in both horses.

Secret Art will be running at Lingfield this Saturday in the 17.55 race.

Blazing Knight the other syndicate horse is declared at Windsor on the 15th of April.

This is not a money making venture its mainly for the fun off it having a horse to run while you are there to watch it run with 20 share holders at the meeting.

I want say that Secret Art will win on Saturday but I am sure that he will run well on his previous runs as a 2 year old and well you never know do you until after, should he not do I am sure that it wont be long before he does.

Watch the race have a bet its your decision.

be back Saturday

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Well here I am, our horse Secret Art finished 3rd of 4 runners at Lingfield on Saturday.

We cashed for 3rd and it looks like that its next race may probably be at least a mile on the AW tracks at this stage in its career now having a handicap rating after this race and also still having the maiden races to choose from until it does in fact win a race of which I still have faith that it will win a maiden in the very near future.

That's all I will say on that matter until I read any after race statement from the trainer although I don't really want to comment on any of the 2 horses races on how they run here apart from any winnings and were they may be running next so that should any one who may be interested can watch the race and maybe that interest may grow.

Also our other horse Blazing Knight is entered for the 15.30 at Lingfield this Wednesday and may be declared by now has the weather wont stop it from running being this race is run on the ALL WEATHER track.

Now has well as touting I have another 10 points to my account to buy a few more tickets to try and win that bloody cash here on Sunday.

I'm always a little leary when I see the words 'Horse' and Syndicate' in the same sentece,.....becuase here in North America,...that usually implies a connection to organized crime.... lol...

But hey,...if you're the owner,....different story I guess.... Would be pretty cool being a part owner...

I rented a house on my buddy's farm for about 10 years,... he bred and sold horses to the racing industry here... I got to help out in minor ways. Horses SURE do have different personalities not unlike humans... Smile



It works that I have a small share in two horses, that lasts for only 12 months, should I still be interested after the 12 months then I would have to buy a share in the new syndicate.

This venture may appeal more to the guys from the UK you may be a bit too far awayyyyy, but it is open to all who fancy a go.

Now to update my earlier post Blazing Knight will not be running this Wednesday.

there another 10 points now come on you Sunday draw my turn to cash

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