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Haven't won any thing here for a couple of weeks and opened the first one today with no real hope of winning, but hey presto out popped 50 bank vault hits never won the vault up to now.

onwards and upwards you have to believe that you will hit some time

Hi simon6,

Every day I also open the doors, but I didn't win anything too. It seems very difficult. Every day I open four or five doors, but I don't win. How this game is created? It is very strange to open the five doors, and not to win.

I think, at least one door of five should win something, right? But if the five doors, doesn't win, that seems little bit strange for me.

May be there is a hidden secret of that game, that only BRM Administrator knows it!

Good luck at the tables!


never loose your hope and u ll win prices
i also had hope one day win something and now i ll win twice so ill hope soon i ll double up my win
good luck all and be happy Smile

G'day mate

Congratulations on your win.
You are correct that it is a numbers game.
If you play every day you will eventually win.
People can go weeks or longer without winning then Bam! they hit several very fast.
I have even won multiple times in one day.
Just keep trying and you will win again.

Ronin Cool

good day Smile
its been happenning to me too !!
Its been almost more than a month to me !! i open 3 to 4 everyday !! but i have been truly unluvky havent won anything yet !!! hope so my drought of win gets over soon and start winning good ones Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Congrats! I never won anything with te mobs calender, but I keep the hops... I know some day will get something... Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

well Its not that easy how it looks... It looks like you have 5 chances in a day.. but reality is that you will win 1-4 prizes in month (4 prizes is pretty rare) If you will crack every door every day... sometimes also 0 prizes in whole month Smile

G'day Weenie

You are correct that we can sometimes go for long then a month without a single win.
I never expect to win the calender game even though I open all five doors almost every day.
Whenever I win it is always a very happy surprise which makes me feel great all day long.

Best of luck in the games and at the poker tables.

Ronin Cool

If all doors will give us a prize... don't know what will BRM does ? How much to pay us? we need to try our luck Big Smile i buy everyweek 400-500 tickets for lotery but no winnig Big Smile try to crack the mobsafe Big Smile

I have been quite fortunate on the calendar this year but haven't played it for more than a week now, so will hit is with a vengeance this evening I think and see if I can open 5 doors in the last 5 hours of the day....... But then again, I may just leave it for another day.

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