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satellite in for .84c and made the money  +1   
Well all going well in the next few minutes as 2 more out and i cash ...
playing the $8.80 omana nl H/L mtt ... this is the second time i got in through the satellite and i cashed the first time i played this as well so all good.

yesss all good in the money now lol

now to see how deep i can get ... for my .84c iv just made $14.51 so i cant complain ...
just won a nice pot and im in 8th place out of 92 left

will post when im finished which i hope wont be for a while yet lol

well busted out in 11th for $69.43 so quite happy with that .... so close to doubling up to 217k chips and being in with a good chance of going deeper but lad limp in i re all in with A,A,6,9 he call A,4,8,8 flop k,k,4 and looking good for me until a 8 comes on the turn .. so feeling a little grumpy with stars ... dam them they always do it

anyway will get over it and will have a bit more to play with because of this game

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nice result there photolong Thumbs Up
good to see BRM 'ers doing well,aye a pity you didn't get that double up but still a nice return of $69
keep cashing like that and you will be doing well.
gl at the tables.

Hey photolong,
Very nice result Thumbs Up
it's a daily tournament the 8.80 NL omaha H/L and I play it also on a regular basis.
I try to buy in through sattelite, I play the 0.40+R and two 0.80+R. There is a third 0.80+R which is 20 min before tournament starts so I'm not buying in to it because it never ends before the tourney starts.
It's your second time playing it and already so far? Spectacular!
My best result on it, the last 1 week was the 55th place.

What's your nick on stars? Maybe we will meet on the tables.
I really like Omaha H/L, especially when there are players on your table who have no clue of what they are doing. Big Smile

BTW so unlucky with your AAxx there! Double up and you are in a great shape of getting even bigger money.

ty guys ... ye i play the .40 rebuy now and again also try the $1 ish one which dosent have a rebuy thats not a bad one either ... 80c rebuy seems a bit to expensive to be doing lol
its a nice game and if you get chips its not overly crazy game so you can wait for hands making it easier to cash than a lot of games i play ... i try to play fairly tight and try to let the agg types push there chips into my big hands lol ... happens quite a lot

will continue to try satellite in and hopefully wont be too long before i get to play it again .. as its above my bankroll buyin i wont be buying in for full price .. i try to stick to a bankroll systm as im still trying to build it
my name on stars is the same as my name on here ... will keep a eye out for you on the tables and will post again if i manage to make it in again

vgg photo, it seems you have a solid basic strategy .

keep us posted on your next results Thumbs Up

well here we go again ... tried satelliting in tonight but didnt work out so decided i could afford to buy in as a treat ... at the moment 32nd of 100 and 99 paid

Tonight game has being far more difficult and was down to 750c at one stage and nearly out but i managed to get back into it ... was on a table with a lot of lads just pushing all in pre making it hard to get into hands ... and totally missing flops when i did get in a hand

anyway should min cash but will need a few winning hands if i want to get deep ...

well made the money now to try and build or bust ....

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Good results there for your satellite. The pay out is very good if you
consider your buy in. I see you are in inot another one also right now.
gl with that and finish in a better position than the previous one Smile

go photolong go....may the poker gods be with you tonight Dollar Dollar Dollar

grrr out in 75th for $15.96 lad push all in for 14k ish i had 135c more and A,2,3,5 and call ... he had A,2,8,8 ... flop comes Q,7,7 and giving me the nut flush draw but he leading with his pair of 8s turn come and i hit the flush and looking very good to win a 30k pot and being right back in the game and plenty of play with that stack only for a dam 7 to come on the river giving him a full house ... stars you are such a cruel site at times ....

Oh well played this mtt 3 times and cashed 3 times so hopefully ill continue cashing the next time i play it

i know im getting repetitious but i played the $8.80 omaha H/L game again tonight and have just cashed again making it 4 cashes from 4 games lol lol

low on chips though struggling all game but in the money now so will push all in and try and double up when i get a decent hand

Such posts is a pleasuer to see always.
Nothing better than seeing someone winning. Boosts up the moral for the rest of us Smile
Hope your luck continues and you keep your perfect score Smile gl

Posted by Mober:
Such posts is a pleasuer to see always.
Nothing better than seeing someone winning. Boosts up the moral for the rest of us Smile
Hope your luck continues and you keep your perfect score Smile gl

comletely agree with mober

it's a pleaure to see post like this Thumbs Up

f**k me I miscliked both two posts above giving a Thumbs Down instead of a Thumbs Up (too much opizza and beers tonight)

sorry guys, hope admin can fix it

ty guys managed to last till 32nd for 27.78 so quite happy with that considering i had a real tough game and struggled throughout ... will have to keep trying and see can i keep the cashing run going

Thanks magatt for that vote of "confidence" lol.
I hope you didnt drive that day after all that drinking.
If you couldnt tell your thumbs apart imagine how it would have been with you driving Smile

Are you related to Roddy McDowell.....?

You look a little like Roddy McDowell there in your avatar pic....

In case you don't know who he is,....Google his name,...he is/was a big time movie actor... Smile


on a side note played that game last night and lost grrr ... ruined my cashing streak but playing again now and have just cashed ... but very low in chips so have to get busy and double up quickly or bust ... fingers crossed i can double or treble up lol

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Good job bro! Smile That's such a nice feeling to get in money with a low buy-in and you haven't just made it to the money you rocked them all Blink Was it on pokerstar? and how many players where there starting up the tourney, and how much paid?

keep on going and bringing us big and nice tourney result

no joy but made enough to break even for the day lol ... hopefully try again to morrow

ye on stars ... field usually around 700 to 800 with 99 paid ... i finished in 68th ... over $1K for the winner

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