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I just won a hand but I'm actually pretty sure I misplayed it.
The reason is that very often on the 0.05/0.10 limit People get payed off a lot
on big hands.
But I'm actually afraid that I'm using Implied odds as an excuse to play draws.

I played A3s (out of position) and flopped the Nut-flushdraw, he bet and I had 1:2 odds. And i just called..... because of the implied odds.
On the turn I got 1:4 odds, called again. so I hit two-Pair on the river, and won. It felt nasty..

I thought I played it right, only thinking about the Implied odds, I'm starting to use it as an excuse, wich will kill my bankroll in a matter of time.
I was playing a LOT better before I knew about Implied odds

So my question is: What situations should you use Implied odds for ??

dont know it exactly but i think implied odds are used e.g. to play pair on set value or suited connectors, suited one gappers

for pair on set value e.g. u need 7,5:1 pot odds preflop (11,8%hit probability)
now its proclamated that u should be able to earn the 14:1 fact cause u wont hit it everytime. so implied odds in my opinion are used when u dont get the right pot odds. to calculate what ammount u can earn from u r opponent.

im not an expert but i guess this is the way to use it

when thinking about implied odds you have to know the players at the table, and the size of the stacks.

there is no point in drawing if your opponent wont pay you off, so as you get higher stakes things lie flush draws arent so good, since good players wont pay off flushes, i think the worst part of your play is playing A3s out of position, but drawing can be profitable since you never have to pay that river bet but your opponent often will

You should make a deal between implied Odd and the chance you get to hit your outs.
Plus your knowledge on that player.

But anyway i'am not a specialist of LHE game, so i just stfu. Tongue

i didnt realise that this was limit, in limit i throw implied odds out the window and just go for my str8 odds to hit, this is because you cant make a big bet and get called, the river bet is always going to be a small one

=D lol

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » nice excuse?

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