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I am new to poker and the bonus stuff so here my questions.

I just got the $10 bonus.

So what does that means?

Clearing Rules:
90 Days to make a deposit OR to reach $20 Rake + Fees

So it means I should clear the whole $200 bonus in 3 months?

Also, what does $20 Rake + Fees means? How much Winner points do I have to collect?

Any help please, and pardon my english.

Edited by Heskor (12 May 2013 @ 13:15 GMT)

1. This promotion is available to new poker players only.

2. Players will receive the $10 sponsorship after the player account has been checked by Winner Poker.

3. The $10 Sponsorship is to be used solely for DUSOP Heads-Up poker tournaments. Players using it for anything else are subject to account closure without refund.

4. Players will need to either rake or deposit a minimum of $20 before account limitations will be removed.

5. Leaderboard winners will have to generate $20 poker income and make a deposit before they would be able to withdraw.

6. Leaderboard Winners will be paid out after each period directly to their account, this will take a few days due to processing.

7. Winner Poker may require you to provide additional details and documents in order to confirm your account validity.

8. A player cannot redeem his Winner points until he generates $20 income and deposits at least $10.

9. Free bonuses ($10 free) will be cut after 10 days of inactivity.

10. A player who does not reach $20 rake and fee or doesn’t deposit within 14 days from bonus issuance date will have his balance cut.

That is not like you say, i have account there, get the $ free for play, just play a couple of sng 9 players, 1 Heads Up, and 1 free roll for the new players ( i win this freeroll and get more $12 in my balance) but i dont play there any game for about 1 month or more, and im still have the balance for play. Smile

p.s. in the first weeks they send mails everyday warning about the time for clear the b0nus but they stop send that mails, just send me promotions now.

Edited by Miguel_Ptm (12 May 2013 @ 15:14 GMT)

mirexx where did you find these rules about the Dusop things.
There is no mention about this in the BRM page about the bankroll.
The only requirements is the one mentioned from OP about the days and deposit or rake.

Yeah, so they changed the rules??

I still need help with my questions, i'm now more confused. Aww crap!


In Mirexx's defence Winner sent loads of us the same or similar mails after accepting the NDB. I & I know some others complained that this wasn't in the terms & conditions when we signed up. They never replied to us but stopped sending people these silly mails. So just be wary. They have alslo told some that you need to rake $20 & some others $40 before you can wthdraw. So Who knows. The site is ok, but the support don't seem to know whats going on.


My suggestion Heskor is that you send an email to Winner support asking them. Once they reply with the details, keep the email as proof & then you should be ok. But I think its essential that you keep the reply so they can't then later say that you need to rake more or earn more points before withdrawing. Also I would suggest keeping your questions to a minimum. If you ask them alot of questions they tend not to reply. Ask them how many points you need. It will be easier for you to keep track of points rather than rake.

Edited by MichaelGotKK (12 May 2013 @ 19:23 GMT)

You are pretty much right, i mean you need to make 20 dollars worth of rake on 50 days in order to clear the bonus.

I also could not find any info about the fees part or the number of points you need to earn for that matter.

I think that you just need to make 20 dollars worth of rake to clear the bonus and thats it.

Okay thanks.

Hi...I got 10$ at Winner and I have to earn 3000point. But this is impossible for one month((((( Who can help me to reach such points at high limint or I can give somebody 10$ and receive as e-money or other poker room 5$. Lets help one another!!!!

Hi. I got the $10 bonus. I just chat with live support. I asked how many points still need to be eligible to play other games besides Heads-Up. Answered that they need to do to rake $ 20 to remove the restrictions. Wrote that I was not Dusop, and the other share, so I need to make a deposit of $ 20 and do the same rake. I wrote that under the terms of BankrollMob I do not have to make a deposit. Was answered that I must make a deposit.

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Yes you are wright Sevash55, it is impossible to reach the 3000 points per one month starting from the 10$(((((( I don't know what to do. I just only want to offer you to play one to one at the table and using big stakes make these points!!!! Please contact me in skype: ponomargoal to discuss this

Where do you read about those rules?

They said :Clearing Rules:
14 Days to login & claim bonus (from date they issued the bonus).
90 Days to make a deposit OR to reach $20 Rake + Fees

so you don't have to deposit if you reach $20+fees

I have no ideea what rules youre talking about. i had no problem with it. I got my $20 bonus, not $10, i made some points, i become 3rd VIP LvL, in few days, but then i lost it, cause didnt played, was easter holyday. Came back, no money in the balance account, but played in $1000 weekly vip freeroll, got $2.10, from those i cleared the bonus for the 4rd vip LvL, lost them again, got 2nd place in $100 Special FR, with that i am almost VIP 5th LvL, need 60 more points. Oh and last sunday deposited, got my Deposit Bonus 250%, and now im at 30 points away to get my first deposit bonus, and then need to clear for the next one. Oh, and if i clear this Deposit Bonus, il get the first $60 from NDB. Til now i made 800 points. Oh and with those points i want to buy money, as VIP from winner shop.
I played Speed Hold em, i think its the best one, honestly, much better than FT or PS... you can easly win.

Have nice day/night and GL.

it only mean that you have to give them a total of 20$ in rake from the time you received your bonus up to 90 days. Don't know how much winner points you got to collect ( I don't play on winner) but it should be quite easy to calculate usually 1$ of rake = from 2 to 4 points on major part of poker site... so you don't have to unluck the 200 in that time.. just to give them rake Big Smile

1$ rake means 12.5 points.Is simple,BRM give you 10$ and you have to give them(Winner + BRM) double.Guess what,after a month of hard work you will end up loosing your money and time.Good luck with tis scammers

@Sorin you're right they offer you few $ and you have to pay them X times, but BRM give you $20 free and if you're good you can make a lot of money from that 20, i've got 20 when i've request the bonus and obviously i've lost it, wonder why people talk now about only $10 no deposit bonus?

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