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hi guys
Have anyone get the full bonus yet ?
The first $60?

Just signed up today....did you get it yet??

I got the first $20 but haven't earned enough points to unlock any more yet. I've also deposited $21 there. Its going good for me so far. I'm just waiting for the variance gods to punish me. I don't think you can earn any extra bonus if you stick to Bank Roll Management. They have 1 $25 freeroll everyday. You can enter 4 per week. I think thats it for freerolls unless you deposit. Anyway good luck & have fun.

I tried it but haven't manage to get the full bonus at the end Sad Anyway I did not really like that poker software it got so much lack and other major issue, in my opinion. I know that a lot of mobster have experiment some kind of trouble with winner...

good luck folks

hy mate! can you help me a little please?! i need the exe of winner poker. every time i have tried to download it from the web page it really can't finish the download. i have tried many times. can you please send me the exe please? if you still got it maybe you could send it to me on mail or somehow. thank you.

Don't expect to clear those money thats easily but i guess if you like iPoker you could also make a deposit.

This way you can clear up that bonus much easier plus you can also play on some bigger limits where fidelity points are made more easily too Blink

I got my initial $15 deposit just today and am very happy. Its quite a good start for me there. Just it seems no-where's mentioned how quickly I have to clear that bonus. Anyone knows that? I will update about my progress Heart Agree

i got my deposit bonus and made a deposit but as yet i have only played in 2 mtt's,later on this week i will be playing more on there,so i will keep my eye on this thread to see how you all are doing.

gl at the tables.

i got the bonus two week ago i have only made 28 points so i got a long way to go. i have been trying to find out if there is a time limit on how long you can take to get points

As promised I am updating my progress. I have reached intermediate lvl and currently have 220 points and double bankroll Cool I hope it will continue like this forever or until I reach 1B Dollar

So all the best for all of you guys doing this!

nice results. keep it up. play in $150k Sunday Special Sattelites ( running every day lots of them, if you get the ticket, you need to play, you cant unregister, and you are automaticaly registered ), Stage3 start with $0.5+$0.01 buy-in, if you manage to go from stage3 to main event, you get like 230-300 points. its easy to get tickets, for Stage1 or even $150k Special 50 tickets, that take place every Saturday for a $33 buy-in.
+ big prize in there. 1st place over $28k and with only 800-900 players in it.

Have a nice day/night and GL.

Hello winners! How is your $200 NDB going?! I got 440 points and found out that this promo has no time limits. Amazing, isn't it?
Unfortunately things are not always as nice as you expect... Sad I want to share bad experience I got with winner poker. Well, actually nothing disastrous, but I am still very disappointed. It's about their Top Hand promotion which is IMHO at least not very transparent or as I believe is a true scam!!! Yes, scam!!!
in Top Hand promo can participate anyone who plays NLH and who hits KKKK or better, but theres a catch: only first top hand of a day will be awarded and there is much more to comply with... and you get $25 if you play at stakes 1/2 cents.
Two days ago I hit Royal Flush. That was 1 PM. I sent them e-mail immediately! (though you have 48 hr to do that). After 50+!!!! 50+ hours they reply to me:
'Our team would like to congratulate you for having a good set of hands.
However, after a careful review of your claim, we have checked that another player was able to get a Royal Flush before you dealt your hand cards that you have sent us.'
I asked players nickname. They say they can not disclose. I ask what time he hit it. They ignore.

1. Why a hell they have waited 50+ hours to reply to me? Another player hit a hand before me and if it would be you will you wait 48 hr to send your request?
2. I playing poker 2 + years and hit royal flush 2 times!!! only 2 times. I believe I played more than a million hands. So that is half million hands per 1 Royal Flush. Does someone knows what are odds to hit RF? One is how many hands?
3. winner poker is very quiet site from midnight to 10 AM european time. How many hands at cash tables are played during those hours? very very few...
4. at the moment of writting Pokerstars has 137 000 palyers winner poker 10 000 players. To turn 1M hands at pokerstars with 137K players you need at least 1hr 10 min and that is about 15 hours or more for winner and when is quiet it should be more than 30 hr. or 15 hr for 500 000 hands. I hit it after 13 hrs.
5. Why everyone can not be as transparent as Pokerstars?!!! You hit a milestone hand and you are star! everyone knows you!, everyone can see that hand and replay it million of times...

back to winner poker if you so lucky and hit royal flush you still need two more players been dealt in to the hand, yes the same hand and this must be after the midnight or... otherwise there will be 'another' player before you... what are chances? no chances!!!

I appreciate your feedback and especialy calculations, odds and comments: all positive and negative. I am so disappointed!!! Heart

by the way... Royal Flush 649,739 : 1

i truely believe winner poker do not turn more than 400 000 hands at their cash tables between 12AM and 1PM and more... my oponent had to have 2 more friends playing with him that hand. So if he hit AKs he shouldnt raise (or they will fold). I hit JTs. Board (in this order) AKQ Heart Smile

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I signed up for the 200$ free bankroll in winner
But i have a question
What are the conditions to keep this bonus and how can i withdraw it?

Ty Smile

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