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$1 rebuy satellite to the $109 events  0   
some of the $109 scoop events on stars have $1 rebuy satellites ...
Thing is the add on is 30000 chips .... i played one had 6 rebuys and and at end of late reg and end of rebuy peiod had no chips so got the last rebuy and the addon so was sitting there with 33k chips ... chip leader had 90k chips i ended up coming 19th after get two bad hands last one made me cringe ... i raised the max .. 30k in the pot limit omaha part of game (game was nlh plo mix) two call and i flop gut shot and a pair so push my remaining 75 k all in lad call he 90ish K left ... he turn over 9,9,9,J and flopped a straight ... sick that someone could call max raise for a third or more of his chips with that lol and flop a straight ouch

but the main point is i got so deep because of the 30k addon even out lasted the chip leader pre the add on period
so next one i waited till 59 min in and reg and got add on saved me trying to buid and not bust out and rebuying
found this a lot better than sitting through the whole hr of the rebuy period .. didnt get as far as i had a lad push all in when i got A,k and i called he had A,3 i flop nut flush draw he flop a pair of 3s that held lol

anyway thought some of ye might be interested in a chance of hitting a $109 winning from a $1 sat with a chance of not having to invest too much ....
hopefully ill get a chance to try some more of these if they are on at the right time

actually theres one starting in 24min for the scoop 29m sattelite ....

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Nice one Photolong........ its sometimes a bit of a gamble the timing of joining such a rebuy addon game, but there can be benefits of joining early as you can steal from the fish, but also keep losing cos of the rebuy position. well done on this tactic

That's nice, this is like $60.000 guarantee 3x turbo? same strategy ? register on last min and play with ADD-ON ? i think this is the best strategy because you win time and money... invest only $2 and win $109 (then you win the main event Big Smile Big Smile) hope you'll win your ticket without emotions Big Smile GL

Cool and how many seats usully gives?? more than 1 at least? How many people usually play it??
Thanks and good luck!

nice try bo but the thing about entering the tourney after 59 minutes it's been started is that your maximum stack can only be 30 some k... If your good at poker and you trust in yourself it's worth it way more to enter at the beginning and be patient but still gring a good stack then you add the 30k add-on, in my opinion

satellite look nice for me at first, but after try several time I thought different ! why play satellite and.
just won ticket ? better play buy in $ 1 MTT, if win, we can play buy in higher MTT. the different is we win cash we can use more than just ticket Smile

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