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Im just wondering what the requirements are to withdraw money from pacific poker. i dont like the site and have been thinking about taking out my "winnings" and place them in another site. So again Tongue what are the requirements?

/ CiCoro Smile

Click bankrolls tab------click 888 offer-------read.
go to 888 and start 24/7 chat and ask.

Remember no matter what the requirements are you can allways withdraw your winnings(everything above the start capital).

hey Cicoro did you find out the requirements after. im not sure what m3turbo says is right. i thought you couldn't withdraw winnings unless u gave the site so much rake

im a little confused myself about the bonus. how do you find out about pending bonus. you're sposd to get an extra 25 dollars if you get so many points but i have no idea how far i am from that. i got more than 25 dollars when i signed up, i had something like 32. i don't know why.

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ye me 2..i got an extra 7 dollars because of some first deposit "bonus"..i u click on cashier and then on the bonus to the right u can check how many points uve gor..u need 500 to clear the 25 $ bonus..

i trust in m3turbo..u can cashout your winnings at any time but to clear the bonus and your starting money u have to earn 500 points..

i didnt think they had any special requirements they have lots of ways to withdraw Dollar Dollar

has anyone else been experiencing the same problem as me on this site. it keeps disconnectin me but im not disconnected. i try to make a bet on my hand but then before the time runs out it disconnects me. everyone on the table disapears and reapears again (this takes ages and probly causes the delay which causes it) and it says i was disconnected but i wasn't cos i made my move in plenty of time.

this seems to happen to me all the time on this poker client but not on the others. i folded the nuts other day cos it wudn't let me bet.

im making this post mainly to get this thread at the top of the forums but im still gettin the same problem on this site. i keep gettin disconected all the time and once that happens i end up missin about 10 hands. it happens in the middle of tourneys aswell and makes me so angry i just go all in when i can finally make a move.

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