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Hey guys,

I received €100 trading offer.
I don't want to say the name of the providers, because I don't want to evoke the rules of the forum.
My question is the following: has someone received same offer?
I am currently on the learning stage but really a beginner. I still don't know how to use the program to start trading. Maybe someone has more experience with it and can give an helping hand?
Software is called Metatrader 4.
I catch up really fast with things.

By the way - user KowKain if you see this post something and maybe we can learn from each other.

Just got my 100€, but still does not understand how to work with Metatrader. Big Smile

Are we talking trading as in stock market trading?

Posted by yout85:
Are we talking trading as in stock market trading?

I think so. Smile

Right, well... there are two main kinds of trading - company shares and currency exchange rates.

With company shares you buy shares in a company for a set price - eg $1.00 per share and depending on the performance of the company, the share will go up or down. You can sell the shares whenever you want, so the trick is "buy low, sell high". You need to be able to spot an opportunity when you see cheap shares, and know the ideal time to sell.

With the currency market, you're basically betting on the movements (strengthening or weakening) of a currency vs another currency. So you basically have to "move your money around" the currencies, buying when you think they are due to strengthen, and selling when you think they are going to weaken.

I hope this helps.

.....I wanna know how to get my 100 euros now Smile

Lol yblod I am dealing with same issue.
Passed quizes to take the €100 but still don't know how that thing works.
And yeah yout85 it's about stocks market trading, in particular currency exchange.
I need to make one trading at least in the next 14 days to keep the €100 and 10 tradings in the next 2 months.
I have exams now so I don't really have the time to be dealing with it and learn the strategy in more detail but when I have time I try.
In the next 14 days I'll need to make one trading but I really don't understand the program for now.

By the way yout85 send me a mail to **email removed by admin** I'll tell u about the way to get that €100 euro's.
Myself I got an invitation but I think you can receive it too.

Edited by Administrator (30 May 2013 @ 18:17 GMT)

Cool - thanks rafiko.

I think admin will soon take your email address off, but I've got it now.

yout85, You came in contact with rafiko?

Yeah - I've registered on the site, but might not get the bonus. Gotta wait a few days and see.

I see that they are likely continue with the promotion on Monday. Thumbs Up

This must be harder to trade with than stocks.
And a bit boring also since the options arent that much.
And with just 100 euro you can be done in less than a day.

100 euros could be gone in a matter of seconds Mober Smile

...I'm not sure what options you get, or how this specific program works, but you're right - trading currency exchange rates is very dull and very hard to make any decent money.

Stocks on the other hand are actually pretty fun, and you can make amazing amounts of money if you're good/lucky (you can also lose amazing amounts of money too, so I'd recommend all BRMers DO NOT deposit any money - just use the free 100 euros to get a feel for it, and hope things go your way)

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