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letting of some steam, and this is the reason why.

in the last week of 2012 i managed to bag 3 x 3 figured wins on PKR, even managed two bag another 2 on the first of january, but since that day my results have been very dissapointing with my biggest cash this year excluding the 1st of january is just $16 Sad

the main reason i think is because of changes in my own personal situation, at the start of the year i quit my job and decided to go to college and since that day have not had much spare money to gamble with and withdrew the winnings i had but have still managed to make a minimum deposit every 2 weeks and would of though i would of won somthing half decent along the way.
looking at it realistically the buyins i an playing for are much lower now as i used to focus on $6+ games and have recently only been cashing in 60c - $1.50 games and have not been able to sat into any decent tournaments, also i have been playing a lot more cash game while i was earning the points required to get promoted to silver level.

i now need to think about how to turn this year around we are half way through the year and i am showing quite a loss, as has been the story most of this year i am not playng at the moment and wont be playing till the minimasters next weekend but wold really like to see my results turn around.

saying that i feel confident i still have the ability, i have been playing a bit on ipoker after taking the NDB of BRM for betfred and managed to cah out around $60 but it does not make up for my losses at PKR Sad

next thing is getting a new job, i have just finnised the courses i was doing at college. i understand when i am more comfortable financially i can play a lot easier.
anyways wish me luck.

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good luck man- i really think you are good enough & u will finish the year in green. who knows maybe even bag the craved 4 figure win along the way.
playing on a tight budget is not amongst the things that help you achieve good results i must say...hope you will find a decent job & then with the financial backing be @your very best on the felts

Hey takingdrugs you're a good player, i think you'll win a lot before 31 december 2013 and the 2014 will start with a huge winning, so i can tell you just focus and don't let that little things affect you, good luck Big Smile

thanks guys, to be fair it could be a lot worse at first when i started playing on PKR i went down £300 ($450) in the red but last year turned it around and was £150 in the green (although this included a $100 ticket which explains the "spike" on the graph at the start of the year) which was a total of just under $700 profit from my lowest point, iknow as a tournament player it takes a few big wns out of many many losses to turn things around but am just disapointed that i started the year in the green but was unable to keep it up.
one of my downfalls, as pochui points out is my desire to land that 4 figured win, especally s the prizepools at PKR have shrunk drasically without playing in $50+ tournaments ther is no chance of getting a 4 figured first prize (exept for the minimasters), also i hav wasted a lot of $ in the lottos, because i keep on trying to get into those bigger tournaments. any ways i feel im overdue a nice bink but if i lose another $230 and end up beatng my all time low then i wil deffo call it a day.

still as i say it could be a lot worst , no decent wins but i am only bleeding away £5 a week, wish all my bad habbits were that cheap.

also my biggest win of the year was acctually around $45 when crash offered to stake me in the sunday storm special on stars but my biggest win last year was $370 , think i am up on all other platforms ive played on this year but obviously PKR is where ive invested most of my money.

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Yeah, now that you've got the stress of no college on youir back it should change. And as you said, finding another job to give the comfort of not wanting to win as it seems one does if they're not working. At least I would feel like that. I could be wrong for others.

But, I had a past month of peer poop on the tables and the last three (3) days has been a big turnaround. Nothing tremendous, but I've cashed on $88+, a few 10+ SnG's and just now a $22+ SnG beside several $2.20 SnG's.

Maybe it's the new BRM calendar. IT has such a motivating view! Good Luck!

Yea for me it has been terrible aswell. Running so hard under EV!

Might want to take a look at my "Poker Plan" thread. It's gonna compensate your losses, playing a FT as we speak.

I find that I win more when my bankroll gets smaller and smaller...

Once IT grows it seems my cash grows legs.... Confused

Maybe things will turn around for you when you get to a point when money becomes less of a concern for you Thumbs Up

very disapointing to ear about that sorry for you bro. Sometimes just taking a little break of poker might help to re-focus your game and start back a winning streak..

When your on a bad streak you only start thinking about it and it influence your way of playing

Good luck bro hope you'll find the winning way back Smile

Yes, sometimes it is necessarry to make a little break and come back later with new motivation. And it can help to try new game styles or change between cash game and sng/mtts. But the most importing thing is the bankroll management.

Not sure why but many of the people that i know inclusively myself had a very bad year so far...

This year i'm on plus on cash but just a bit more than breakeven but again the volume of hands i played is a lot less compared to last year.

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