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Ok should be allowed post about this even though there is a link ... Any problems Admin you can delete .. link brings to my profile page on a new social media site which has no advertising of any kind .. also Admin Bankrollmob might be interested in this new social media site

Heard about it on the radio and as its part Irish development got me interested and decided to check it out
was created to give users more control over there data and images rights ... which some people feel facebook have taken .

Also has a special box you download if you wish to which stops advertising companys tracking you activitys online ...

no advertisments on your pages unless you opt in to have them

My link ...
There is a join up button on right hand side of profile banner if you wish to try it out.

seems simple site to use looked tricky at first ... post in public and whole world can see ... create a hub ... just click hub and name it eg family and friends ... any contacts you put in here they only can see what images you post or whatever you post .

so its quite simple to speak to friends and family only without the rest of the world seeing.

also the site is hoping to reward those who help promote them ... there is a MARKET ME icon you might get a reward if company grows and you have introduced your friends and family to the site ... this is only a option and you can use the site without clicking this option ... suitable for those who dont wish to make money ...
as for advetisments you can opt in to have adds and make a little money if you click on them ... this is smoething new .. rather than just having adds they want people to share in the profit revenue if they allow adverts on there pages .. again this option is up to the user who can have a add free pages or opt in to having adds if they want

so why am i posting ... first off i wanted to try it out to compare to facebook ... getting to be a bit of a pain wondering if my images and such can be used by others when i upload to facebook

and secondly i like trying out different things especially if there is a chance to make money lol lol ...
have some blogs and tryed out adsense ... so decided to check this out

Dont you already had enough with such sites trying to hook you up?
How many more of these you want i wonder.

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