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After contacting 888 it seems to be possible to share a table with yourself. By sining in at a freeroll (daily ) and sining inn on the same tournement trough your Lotos account it is possible that you sometimes are playing as 2 persons on the same table.

have a nice and winning weekend Big Smile

So let me see if i understand, you can sit at same table at 2 seats ? and you collusion by yourself? or i don't understand what you want to say? Lotos is an online poker room?

So you can play with two active accounts from two different sites in the same tournament?
This is a bit weird and they should have rules for it.
By the way this is possible too in full Tilt with multi entries tournies ?

@Mober- regarding full tilt: with multi entries you actually cannot be seated at the same table with yourself, all of your entries are seated at separate tables, once there remain less tables than u have entries left, some of your entries are merged together, so at no pint u get to play with 2 entries @ the same table.
@Dutchguy- really interesting info- thanks for the update...this actually raises the question of collusion with yourself open wide (just as Doarulle pointed out)

If u can play against urself in the same table on freerolls,
i am sure you can do that on cash too - or in other tournaments.
This way there is an opportunity to take this to your advantage and benefit
and maybe earn more cash from it?

In other poker sites this would be considered as "cheating" but if the poker software agrees to that, there is no problem at all.

I played at Ipoker network once in some sites: Coral, Celebpoker, Titan, Betmost,...
but actually forgot if u can play with other usernames together. I tend to think it was not possible there but am not sure now. Smile

Thats weird, i know this is possible on full tilt poker bu there you can't be on two times on the same tables but you can have two entries in the same tournament...

If both your accounts remain until the end them the stack are merged into one.

But I think you can't login on both sites together (888 and Lotos for example) so there is nothing wrong...
In cash games you won't be able to play on same table because u can't login on the same time.
The only thing that can happen is sitting on the same table on a tournament where u sit out on one of them.
You can't see the cards you are holding on your other account during the tournament unless you login and logoff constantly from one site to the other.
That's the only way to beat the system anyhow (legally).

Thanks for the answer pochui.
I had written Full Tilt but that adblock again did the trick and didnt let it.
It gets annoying so i disabled it, for BRM at least.
Ive seen improvement in page loading here, but it looks it has its downsides also.

hahahha that's some kind of interesting and yet very funny one your sharing with us right here!!!

you gotta help me with this one ... what is a Lotos account? is 888 really allowing there member to create multiples account or is that lotos account just some legal way to overpass that rule?

I have 2 affiliated accounts relating to 888 poker, WSOP and Lucky Ace.

So I should be able to play 3 hands should I first enter the free rolls on all 3 different accounts that are affiliated to 888 poker, then if I am lucky enough to end up on the same table with all 3 free roll entries I can then collude with my 3 hands giving me 3 times more of a chance to win against the players who only have 1 hand at the table.

Firstly I am aware that you are only talking about the freerolls that have at best say a £46 prize for the winner and it isnt until you hit the last 5 that you may have a couple of dollars for your 4 hour stint in just 1 of these hourly freerolls.

I am sure that should you do this firstly your accounts are now linked with the central part of 888.

I know off this because before I deposit any cash I will ring all 3 supports to see if there are any deposit bonuses and will deposit on the site that provides the best bonus for a deposit, it doesnt always work and I may not be offered any but if I leave it long enough between deposits I usually get offered one deposit bonus.

Now the point here I am making towards playing with multi accounts at the same table is that when I ring thes 3 poker sites it is usually within say 10 minutes for all 3 and I always get the same support worker from all 3 poker sites I mentioned, so the same support will answer for 888, WSOP, and Lucky Ace.

You going into a dangerous place here if you do this why, because although they may not want to pick up on the small amounts won at these freerolls, the idea behind this is to give people to play freerolls and win a certain amount of cash to be able to play the buy in tournaments or even cash if you prefer those.

So you have multi accounted for several months winning small amounts thinking oh I am getting away with this, then you think that you might try a bigger buy in tournament say the Tuesday steps into the Tuesday challenge with a buy in of £109 and the prize to the winner is $7000.00.

You are then fortunate to win the challenge collecting the prize money of £7000.00.

You then decide to withdraw your winnings of $7000.00.

Firstly before 888 will let you withdraw the $7000.00 they will ask for several items for proof of identity, which must in all cases be attatched to the account that you won the $7000.00 with.

Secondly they will then check all of your tournaments be it free rolls, tournament and any cash games, you will have already been playing for a month on 888 multy accounting with 3 different accounts and one of those has just collected $7000.00 in the Tuesday Challenge.

All of those times that you played for a month multi accounting will show up through the system that detects this fraud and do you think that this monster winfall of $7000.00 will treach your bank account.

I dont think I need to answer that do I.

Good luck in your fraudulant poker venture if you are doing this or even just thinking about doing it, remember if you do this just to see if it can be done then should you win a large amount of cash then dont expect it to hit your account.

Technology has now caught up with fraud in poker, it just doesnt always show that it has untill you win a substancial amount of cash, then it will rear its angry head at you.

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