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VIP Club Live is coming to party in Vancouver on July 13. The party is being held downtown at the Imperial Vancouver, with festivities getting underway at 19:00 local time.

23:30: Prize announcements of items from the PokerStars VIP Store will be made, including a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch being awarded .

VIP Club Live: Vancouver is an exclusive event for PokerStars VIPs. RSVP by purchasing a ticket from the VIP Store.
The cost of the ticket is based on your current VIP status
You’ll find the tickets listed under the ‘VIP Club Live’ category in the store.

VIP Status FPP Price

BronzeStar 10,000
ChromeStar 8,000
SilverStar 1,500
GoldStar 1,350
PlatinumStar 1,200
Supernova 1,000
Supernova Elite Free

So who is near,or want to go there you can read more here
Lucky canadian donks Angry

Great idea from pokerstars if you ask me Smile

I also have some some vpps around since i did not spent them, but i do not think they'll make something similar around this part of Europe too soon...

Free for SuperNova Elite..... I would HOPE SO,.... Big Smile After spending a million dollars at PokerStars on poker, should be....!!!

Now THAT would be a great thing to do! Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the nicest cities you'd ever visit. Beautiful place!!! And only a few miles outside of town,'ll find fields and fields FILLED with Magic Mushrooms growing by the million,....JUST waiting to be picked....FOR FREE Big Smile

You'll NEVER have another steak with mushrooms quite the same again....hehehehehe.... Thumbs Up

So they offer free ticket for Supernove Elite players? i think this is fair because a supernova elite generate tousand of rake and they can buy a car or moto from that FPP, but i think a bronzestar never have 10.000 FPP on his account.

what a "huge" event for supernova elite's - i think they will fly to this event like flies to a pile of sh1t, you can't miss such an epic event and chance to meet some micro stakes players you have never heard of before, and actually have no interest in hearing anything about can u miss a chance to spend several hours in plane when u are rewarded with a free glass of champagne...if u get a free t-shirt then it's really an unbeatable offer

Some poker players will also attend the event
like Vanessa Rousso Shock

Why not in Belgium? Confused

That was nice to be in europe in a country like russia and the entry fee to be:

BronzeStar Free
ChromeStar 1.000
SilverStar 1.500
GoldStar 2.000
PlatinumStar 2.200
Supernova 3.000
Supernova Elite 10.000

And then they rent a stadium to have everyone a place.

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